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Antipasto Salad

Antipasto Salad - This classic Italian salad is simple and delicious!

We developed this Antipasto Salad recipe as part of an ongoing Brand Ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today is the first day of school for our third grader, and I’m actually very sad to see summer vacation end! We had a really great summer this year – some family road trips, gorgeous weather, fun with friends, and more time as a family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

For us, the start of the school year also means the start of after-school sports and other activities, and family meals need to be quick and easy to prepare and sometimes taken on-the-go.

But ‘quick and easy’ doesn’t mean that the food can’t be delicious – and today’s Antipasto Salad is a perfect example of what I’m talking about!

Antipasto Salad - This classic Italian salad is simple and delicious!

This Antipasto Salad can be served as a satisfying family dinner, or packed up and taken for lunch – and it would even be a great salad to bring along to a Labor Day picnic this coming weekend! (The summer isn’t completely over yet!)

And one of the best things about this Antipasto Salad? Aside from being super delicious – it’s super easy to make with ingredients you can order from Peapod!

I shared information here about the convenience of Peapod’s grocery delivery and pickup service – and I tell you, the more I use Peapod for our groceries, the easier it gets!

Peapod has a brand new mobile app that lets me easily shop for groceries even if I’m not in front of my computer. The Order Genius feature remembers and understands my past purchases and then makes product recommendations based what I’m buying today. So – thanks to Order Genius – I can order everything I need for our upcoming Labor Day barbecue with just one click on the app, based on what we ordered for our July 4th barbecue. (How convenient is that?)

Antipasto Salad - This classic Italian salad is simple and delicious!

Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks we’ll share with you in the coming months – so you can get the most out of Peapod’s grocery delivery and pickup services in your area.

And don’t forget to get our Antipasto Salad recipe over on FromThePod.com.  You can also save $5 off a $20 Deli purchase on your next order! Click here for all the details (including promo code): http://peapd.me/gP3Z  ($60 total order minimum before September 7, 2015.)

Antipasto Salad - This classic Italian salad is simple and delicious!


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  1. This salad looks perfect! I love a big salad topped with all the things so this is like my dream dinner dish. Plus it’s still summer and summer means salad!

  2. This antipasto salad looks OUTRAGEOUSLY good!

  3. This salad is perfect for lunch or dinner! I love the idea behind peapod.

  4. I love meals like this – throw in a bottle of wine and I’m a happy girl!

  5. I love big substantial salads, and I love a good ol’ antipasto spread… so a dish that lets me satisfy both cravings at once? Love it!

  6. Quick and easy is the way to go. Kids school and activities are a must and this salad will make tons of people very happy. It looks beautiful!

  7. That is one absolutely gorgeous salad! I just finished lunch and your photos are still making my mouth water. Also, I’m so jealous of you having Peapod. Wish we had it here!

  8. I love antipasto salad, I mean who doesn’t? It has everything, cured meats, cheese, pickled vegetables and your version looks like such a winner! I could devour that entire thing.

  9. Love peapod! And great antipasto salad – it looks like such a lovely feast!