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Slow Cooker Sourdough Stuffing with Turkey Sausage and Apples

Free up oven space this Thanksgiving and make this delicious Slow Cooker Sourdough Stuffing with Turkey Sausage and Apples in your crockpot.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Purée

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Purée is super easy to make, and it tastes so much better than canned! PIN THIS RECIPE NOW! I know what you’re thinking.  With all of that Fall baking ahead of you in the coming months – it’s just easier to open a can of store-bought pumpkin purée. But what if I […]

Slow Cooker Tomato Crab Bisque

This Slow Cooker Tomato Crab Bisque is sponsored by Hunt’s® tomatoes. All opinions are 100% mine. Our slow cooker stays out on our kitchen counter all year long – ready to be put to good use making some very delicious meals. No matter what your busy day is like, it is so awesome to come […]

Slow Cooker Honey-Garlic Baby Back Ribs

Grab some napkins and make these super easy, super delicious Slow Cooker Honey-Garlic Baby Back Ribs! Today I’m so pleased to share this delicious Slow Cooker Honey-Garlic Baby Back Ribs recipe from the new cookbook, Real Food Slow Cooker Suppers. This fantastic new cookbook is written by my friend and fellow food blogger, Samantha Skaggs […]

Slow Cooker Kalua Pulled Pork

This Slow Cooker Kalua Pulled Pork is probably one of the simplest recipes we’ve shared here on A Family Feast! (And just to clarify…Kalua is a Hawaiian cooking method. Please don’t mistakenly think we’re talking about the coffee liquor called Kahlua!) Our Slow Cooker Kalua Pulled Pork is a home version of the kalua pork […]

Slow Cooker Tex-Mex Chicken Stew

It’s so easy to prepare this delicious Slow Cooker Tex-Mex Chicken Stew! Just pour the ingredients into your slow cooker and turn it on to cook!

Glenn’s Sweet & Spicy Slow Cooker Chili

PIN THIS RECIPE NOW! Glenn is a business partner of my husband Jack – and he recently told Jack that he makes a ‘killer’ chili! We’re always up for trying new recipes, and today we’re sharing Glenn’s Sweet & Spicy Slow Cooker Chili. Glenn’s Sweet & Spicy Slow Cooker Chili is unlike any chili we’ve […]

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Subs

Our Slow Cooker Italian Beef Subs are an easy and delicious way to feed a crowd! Fork tender beef nestled in a soft sub roll and topped with zesty vegetables.

Slow Cooker Creamed Fresh Corn

At our local supermarket this past week, fresh corn was priced at a bargain price of $1.97 for twelve ears – so we stocked up! We’ve been enjoying some of our favorite fresh corn recipes like this, this and this – as well as this delicious Slow Cooker Creamed Fresh Corn. When it comes to […]

Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

A few weeks ago, I shared a story about the time that my husband Jack was eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of moms at my daughter’s dance class! (If you missed that story, you can read about it here.) Today’s Slow Cooker Swiss Steak recipe is another delicious recipe inspired by that conversation. […]

Slow Cooker Beefy Mac

Today’s recipe for Slow Cooker Beefy Mac was inspired by a conversation that my husband Jack overheard a few months ago when he took our daughter Emma to dance class. Some of the moms that were waiting outside the classroom started talking about slow cooker recipes – and Jack listened in! While everyone loved the […]

Slow Cooker Barbecue Beef Brisket

After making this incredible recipe a few weeks ago, my husband Jack and I had half a slab of beef brisket in our refrigerator, just waiting to be used! So what to make? This Slow Cooker Barbecue Beef Brisket! Watch how we make it here: Brisket is a cut of meat from the lower chest […]

Slow Cooker Applesauce with Cranberries

Today’s recipe for Slow Cooker Applesauce with Cranberries is about as simple as a recipe can get! And, it’s also a delicious way to enjoy some of the quintessential flavors and foods of Fall – fresh apples and cranberries! Just add apple chunks, fresh cranberries, apple cider and some sugar to a slow cooker, along […]

Slow Cooker Tuscan White Bean Soup

My friend Jessica is a fellow foodie and whenever we see each other, she often tells me about great recipes that she has made for her family! A while ago (last winter actually) she told me about this delicious white bean soup that her family loved – and it was the inspiration behind today’s Slow […]

Slow Cooker Tomato and Tortellini Soup

On the weekends, it’s not uncommon to find my husband Jack making soup!  He will start the day off by filling up a big pot with all of the ingredients to make a fantastic stock (like this one, or this or this) and the house is full of wonderful smells for hours while it cooks! […]

Slow Cooker Pulled Buffalo Chicken

A few weeks ago, over on our Facebook page, I asked our followers to tell us what kind of recipes they would like to see here on A Family Feast.  Jack and I were planning out some of our recipes for the coming weeks – and we wanted to make sure that we were sharing […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

My husband is a very adventurous eater.  Jack loves many kinds of foods – from typical American fare, to sushi, to the spicier-the-better Korean and Mexican foods.  He’s even been known to try foods that not very many people would try (namely, sea urchin – but that’s a story for another day…).  But there are […]