Multi function 5-in-1 grill/panini press. Hinged handle adjusts to fit thickness of your panini.

Simple to use, powerful and durable. Comes with different attachments.

11-cup capacity food processor that chops, shreds and slices.

Strong, sturdy tilt-head stand mixer. A must for any serious baker or cook.

Seals in air-tight freshness. Easy to use and great for freezing foods.

Super versatile slow cooker with three programmable functions.

Super powerful motor makes blending smoothies a breeze.

We use this versatile countertop oven every day!

Durable and easy to clean. Grid design prevents food from falling through.

Heavy-duty non-stick cake pans with deep straight sides.

These totally work! Bake cake layers with even tops.

Best loaf pans around. Safe for oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Heavy duty, non-stick muffin pans. Easy-grip silicone handles and a cover for keeping baked goods fresh.

So many uses for roasting and baking. Everyone should have several of these in their kitchen pantry!

Works to prevent baked goods from sticking. Easy cleanup.

Everything you need to roast a Thanksgiving turkey.

Hailing from Boston’s North End Italian neighborhood, the author shares authentic and delicious recipes for Italian classics.

Delicious recipes and fun to read too!

A great go-to cookbook for every kind of cookie imaginable.

This cookbook takes you on a delicious food tour of New York City. A classic everyone should own.

Prepare a soup recipe from this cookbook, and you’ll understand why there are always lines out the door of this popular Boston-area restaurant.

A classic cookbook that everyone should own. Simple, fresh ingredients transformed into delicious dishes.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions ensure that anyone can bake all kinds of fantastic homemade breads.

Delicious, innovative, and sophisticated-but-easy recipes made with accessible ingredients. A classic cookbook that has stood the test of time.

You need a pizza stone to get that crispy bottom on a homemade pizza. Bake bread and cookies on this too!

A pizza peel makes it so much easier to move pizzas in and out of the oven.

Cook vegetables and meats to the perfect temperature with sous vide.

A must-have tool for anyone eating lower-carb or who just wants to have a little fun eating more vegetables.

Ceramic cookware is so much better than the older non-stick cookware.

A kitchen classic that everyone should own. Retains heat, sears meat perfectly, lasts forever with proper care.

Great for making pancakes as well as crepes!

A splurge but worth it. So many uses including soups, stews, pot roast, jams, and more.

A must-have for steaming vegetables. Expandable sides fit different sized pots and pans.

Prevents food from scorching at the bottom of your stock pot. Must-have tool for making homemade soups and sauces.

Heavy duty, sturdy, dishwasher safe.

A great everyday cookware set that won’t break the bank.

Superior quality, nicely balanced handle and blades.

Large enough to slice meat or chop vegetables. Easy to clean and very sturdy.

Well-designed, sturdy set of measuring cups and spoons.

Perfect for slicing meats. Moat around edge of board traps juices.

A must-use tool to ensure the perfect level of doneness when cooking meat.

So many uses – line baking sheets, roasting pans, prevent spills, and more.

Make bakery-style muffins at home with these tulip wrappers.

This sturdy spatula is the perfect shape for scraping bowls and stirring food.

Six different blades give you options for shredding, grating and slicing.

Squeeze fresh citrus juice easily. Larger size fits oranges, lemons and limes.

A super convenient way to transfer prepared food from chopping board to bowl or pan.

Oversized turner great for lifting fish, meat or other oversized foods.

Large display is easy to read. Slim design takes up less space.

Convenient 4-blade set for a grating and slicing. Easy to clean.

This measuring glass makes it very easy to measure out small quantities of liquid.

This measuring glass makes it very easy to measure out small quantities of liquid.

A must-have tool for frying and straining.