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Mexican Pulled Chicken is easy to make, super flavorful and the basis for so many delicious meals!

Mexican Pulled Chicken

Jack recently prepared a wonderful Mexican-themed dinner for us, and this Mexican Pulled Chicken recipe played a starring role in several of the dishes he made.  This chicken is perfectly flavored with a spicy blend of tomatoes and peppers as well as other seasonings. It’s cooked in the oven until fork-tender, then shredded. Scroll down to the recipe card below to watch a video to see how it’s made.

A good Mexican pulled chicken is a great recipe to have in your go-to recipe collection!  It can be eaten as-is or as part of a sandwich, or it can be used in many other recipes!  In fact, several of our other very popular recipes here on A Family Feast use this recipe including our enchiladasMexican lasagna, and our chicken chimichangas!


Mexican Pulled Chicken

The key is to use a mix of white and dark meat in this recipe (we used a combination of boneless chicken thighs and breasts) – because the thigh meat lends so much more flavor and juiciness to the finished dish than using the breast meat alone.

Since originally posting this recipe back in February 2013, this Mexican Pulled Chicken has become one of our most popular recipes of all time. We’ve updated the photos and created a video (scroll down below to watch it) since our original post.

Mexican Pulled Chicken - A Family Feast

Can I make Mexican Pulled Chicken in the slow cooker?

Over the years, we’ve been asked if this Mexican Pulled Chicken recipe can be made in the slow cooker. The answer is YES!

While we haven’t cooked it in the slow cooker ourselves,  several of our readers have posted in the comment section below that they saw great results making this recipe in their crock pot.  Enjoy!

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Mexican Pulled Chicken - A Family Feast

Mexican Pulled Chicken

  • Author: A Family Feast
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 3 hours
  • Total Time: 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Yield: 8 servings
  • Category: entree
  • Method: baked
  • Cuisine: Mexican


  • 1 sweet red pepper, stemmed and seeded and cut into large rings
  • 1 large onion, trimmed and cut into large rings
  • 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast halves, trimmed
  • 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs, trimmed
  • 4 tablespoons cider vinegar
  • 2 14.5 ounce cans diced tomatoes
  • 4 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 4 tablespoons Agave Nectar
  • 2 tablespoons whole grain mustard
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano (leaves)
  • 1 tablespoon coriander
  • 2 tablespoons Rocket Fuel (or your favorite hot sauce)


  1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.
  2. Spray a pan or glass baking dish with non-stick cooking spray and lay pepper and onion rings on the bottom.
  3. Lay chicken over onions and peppers.
  4. In a medium sauce pan, place all other ingredients and heat to a boil. Stir to combine ingredients and remove from heat.
  5. Pour the tomato mixture over the chicken. Cover with parchment paper then foil. (The parchment paper will prevent the tomato acids from reacting with the foil.)
  6. Place in oven for three hours.
  7. Remove the pan from oven and peel off parchment paper and foil.
  8. Place chicken on a cutting board and shred with two forks.
  9. Pour remaining mixture from baking dish into a strainer and strain out most of the liquid then place back into baking dish
  10. Place pulled chicken meat back in with tomato mixture in baking dish and mix to combine.

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Mexican Pulled Chicken

Mexican Pulled Chicken

Featured in this Mexican Pulled Chicken post

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  • Lisa wrote:

    Thanks for the quick reply! I ended up using yellow mustard because my Dijon was expired! Anyway I just wanted to say it turned out exactly like the chicken I love inside chicken chimichangas! I have added the meat to a can of black beans and chicken broth for a perfect soup… I put it in dog tortillas for tacos … I ate it in salad! This recipe was mild and sweet to me so anyone could eat it! If your looking for spice anyone could add later! So I will be spreading the word on this find! Thank you so much!

    • Martha wrote:

      You’re very welcome Lisa!

  • Lisa wrote:

    Can I use whole grain Dijon as that or regular mustard is all I have?

    • Martha wrote:

      Sure Lisa – I’d go with the whole grain Dijon

  • ezlyamused wrote:

    I don’t know if cooking changes the calories, but, adding up all of the ingredients as listed, except the last one “rocket fuel,” lol, and I come up with a grand total of 4044 calories, so if this makes 8 servings, it would be about 505 calories per serving, plus whatever you add for hot sauce, tortillas, and other accoutrements like sour cream or guac. 😉

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Ezlyamused – I just ran the recipe through Nutrifox, which is what we’re using now to calculate nutritional information. (It now appears at the bottom of the recipe card.) They calculate the calories to be 272 per serving assuming 8 portions – but I suppose every calculator is a little different and can only be used as a guide.

  • Janet Bradley wrote:

    As written recipe sounds amazing, but did have one question. Could I replace the tomatoes with crushed tomatoes.
    Can’t wait for your response, I sooooo want to cook this soon :o}

    Thanks a million

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Janet – You won’t see the same chunks of tomatoes throughout the finished dish and it will probably be more liquidey with crushed tomatoes. If that doesn’t bother you, then yes, you could swap a similar amount (or maybe a little less) of crushed for diced.

  • Tina76 wrote:

    Can white vinegar be used instead of the cider vinegar or a different substitute?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Tina – White vinegar has a more pungent taste – if you have white or red wine vinegar, I’d go with one of those instead.

  • Marty wrote:

    We made this for Chase’s engagement celebration and it was simply fabulous! We added 1/2 jalapeño pepper chopped fine, otherwise, followed the recipe. This is a keeper! Easy and delicious for a large group.

    • Martha wrote:

      Glad you all enjoyed the recipe Marty! Congrats to Chase!

  • Margaret wrote:

    AWESOME we loved it! Could not bring myself to drain off the juice! Served it all over rice! Nummers!! Tomorrow tacos! Thanks so much for wonderful recipe! I didn’t have all correct ingredients very forgiving flexible recipe! Will make again and again! Can’t quit slurping the sauce!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Margaret! So glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kerry wrote:

    Other than the homemade Rocket Fuel, what hot sauce do you recommend? I’m looking for the store bought variety. Thanks for your help.

    • Jack wrote:

      I have two personal favorites. The first is a sweet/hot sauce called Trinidad habanero sauce. Just search for that and it comes up everywhere. A less spicy sauce sold in supermarkets is Cholula. Cholula is very flavorful and only has a slight kick. And of course, can’t go wrong with Tabasco.

  • Kelly wrote:

    This is soooo good! I have made it several times, both in the oven and the crockpot. It makes great tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, you name it! It also freezes beautifully by itself or in premade enchiladas. My picky brother who doesn’t like anything had me send the recipe to his wife! Definitely worth a try!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Kelly – glad you all enjoyed the recipe!

  • Ericka Holmes wrote:

    I made this for my family the other night. I loved the recipe, the only thing I noticed was it was a but sweet which was probably my fault…however my childeren loved it even my “I don’t like chicken” child!! He said “mommy that chicken was so good it tasted perfect”. He ate it 2 days in a row! This will be a staple!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Ericka – so glad you all enjoyed the recipe!

  • Barb wrote:

    This recipe was easy and deliscious! Can’t wait to try it in the chimichagas tonight. Since this makes 4 lbs, have you frozen this? Do you premake one of your dishes and then freeze or just freeze the chicken? Thanks in advance.

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Barb – The cooked pulled chicken freezes very well so you could definitely put some aside in a zipper seal bag for a future recipe.

  • Elizabeth wrote:

    Great recipe and a little goes a long way! In addition to the ingredients, I added some brown sugar…

    • Martha wrote:

      Glad you enjoyed the recipe Elizabeth!

  • Danielle wrote:

    I made this tonight and it’s stupendous! I added a can of chilies as I like it a bit spicer, but that is the only change I made. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – and I must commend you on your kind responses regardless of whether the comments are positive or not. You seem like a lovely person.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you for your kind words Danielle! (We do take feedback – positive or negative – to heart!) Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Jane wrote:

    I made this for my boys and me.It was very tasty and easy to make.I did not have some of the ingredients but substituted for similar. Will make again

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Jane – So glad the recipe was a success!

  • Alli Minna wrote:

    Hi! If you cut the recipe in half, does this mean you cook the chicken for less time?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Alli – Half the amount will probably take some less time, but it will also depend on the size of the pan you use. I’d start checking at 2 around hours to see if the chicken is tender at that point. Enjoy!

  • Dianne wrote:

    Can I use honey instead of the agave nectar and can I use wax paper?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Dianne – Honey will lend a little bit flavor to the chicken but it should be fine. You do NOT want to use wax paper – the wax will melt into your food.

  • Dianne wrote:

    Can I use honey instead of the agave nectar and yellow mustard instead of whole grain?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Diane – Just saw this question too – yellow mustard has a much stronger vinegar taste – if you don’t have whole grain, I’d suggest Dijon instead.

  • Lisa Spiro wrote:

    This looks delicious. I was just wondering how one can be sure it doesn’t overcook, as i always worry about that with chicken since I’ve ruined many dishes that way. does the low cooking temp and moisture just enable the chicken to get juicer the longer it cooks?

    • Jack wrote:

      I had an instructor in culinary school that taught us that you either cook meat hot and fast or long and slow. Cooking hot and fast seals in the juices and cooking long and slow tenderizes meat and brings out flavor. Sealed in a slow cooker, the chicken has no choice but to come out moist.

  • Karen Allinder wrote:

    Try it in a Crockpot
    I made this recipe in my Crockpot yesterday and I was very happy with the results. I followed the recipe exactly I did it all in a Crockpot set on low. It turned out beautifully so, give it a try and enjoy.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Karen! Glad it was a success!

  • clare wrote:

    Hi, I am hoping to make this for a house warming on the weekend. but dont have Agave nectar, could I use honey instead?
    if so would I need a lot of it as I have just read Agave is sweeter than honey?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Clare – You can definitely swap in honey – I’d keep to the same 4 tablespoons. Honey has a bit more flavor than the agave so personally I wouldn’t add more. (We add it to mellow the acidity of the tomatoes so you’re not looking to add a lot of sweetness.) Hope that helps!

  • Maggie Unzueta wrote:

    Yum! I could eat that.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Maggie! Hope you’ll give the recipe a try!

  • Lisa wrote:

    We served make-your-own nachos for our Cinco de Mayo-themed baby shower and this recipe played a vital part! In contrast to a spicy hot chipotle beef dish, I wanted to serve a mild pulled chicken that would have enough complexity of flavor to be delicious without the heat. I ended up using the ingredients as written, except for omitting the hot sauces. The seasonings and cooking instructions were spot on! The meat was tender and juicy and perfect on nachos or salad base, accompanied by Tex-Mex toppings. A tip for folks like me who need to double this recipe for a crowd: with 8 lbs of meat and juices, I was concerned that my deep roasting pan might overflow so I baked about 2/3 in the oven and 1/3 in a crockpot on high. The crockpot required about an hour’s extra time. Thank you for this recipe! You’ve now inspired me to make enchiladas!

    • Martha wrote:

      You’re very welcome Lisa! What a great menu for a baby shower and thank you for the info on oven vs slow cooker cooking!

  • Foodie86 wrote:

    Loved the recipe. Chicken stayed moist and flavorful. I would add a Chipotle pepper next time for more heat and smokey flavor

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you!

  • Alice wrote:

    Excellent recipe! I had a party, and so many ladies commented about the flavor of the chicken. I doubled the recipe because I had 30 people, and I had enough to send seconds home with my guests and extra for my family the next day.

    Although, the recipe is extensive with season-type ingredients, the dish is “fuss free” and delicious.

    • Jack wrote:

      Thanks Alice! So glad you all enjoyed the recipe!

  • Cindy wrote:

    This sounds delicious!! Does the timing differ when cooking with stoneware?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Cindy – Possibly…although we’ve only made this recipe as written, I have noticed that some other recipes cook more quickly in a cast iron dutch oven so stoneware or other cooking vessels can definitely impact the timing if they retain heat more so than the baking pan we used. Feel free to check on the chicken sooner and if it’s tender enough to shred, it’s probably done. Hope that helps!

  • Cynthia wrote:

    Made this last night and it was fabulous. Followed the recipe exactly but did add some canned green chiles and jalapenos. Then used this in the chimichanga recipe here. They were equally as good. I’ve been on the lookout for a great mexican chicken and I’ve finally found it. Thank you.

    • Martha wrote:

      You’re very welcome Cynthia! Sounds like some great additions. We’re so glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Mary Anne wrote:

    My sister and I have both made this recipe as the centerpiece of loaded nachos and everyone just went crazy for it. Thanks for sharing…it’s super yummy!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you taking the time to write to us Mary Anne! So glad the recipe was a hit!

  • John wrote:

    I stumbled across this recipe while looking for a base for shredded chicken. I had 20# of chicken to make for a work function. Everyone loved it! Thanks for the excellent recipe. I did use Siracha in place of the Rocket Fuel. I think next time I will stir in a can of diced green chiles and substitute fresh squeezed lime juice for the vinegar. I just wanted a little more spice and acid.
    Also, I used my Kitchen Aid to shred the chicken. So quick and easy using the flat beater and doing it while it was hot. Speed 2 and a minute later you have perfectly shredded chicken!

    • Martha wrote:

      Great suggestions John! So glad you liked the recipe!

  • Alison Garfinkel wrote:

    This was DELICIOUS. I’m making it again today (we tried it for the first time last week), and I’m making the pulled beef as well. My son (who is 21) must have polished off 1/2 of it. We scooped it into tortillas adding brown rice and avocado. Huge hit! I’m so glad I found this, thank you SO much for posting it!!

    • Martha wrote:

      We’re glad you found us too Alison! We also glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Lauren wrote:

    I cooked this in my crockpot on high for 3.5 hours (it was still pink after just 3) and it turned out fantastic! It tastes just like my favorite Mexican taco spot in Southern California.
    Serving it in home fried corn tortillas with pico de gallo, cheese and guac was perfection.

    • Martha wrote:

      Wow – Thanks Lauren! So glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Phil wrote:

    I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed by this recipe. I am a big fan of the taco ground beef recipe from this site, which to me tastes like it could stand up to any taqueria, so I was anticipating something similar with this one. However, I found the chicken to taste tomato-ey and quite bland. It seemed to be missing salt for one thing, but I wonder if the ingredients could have been doubled for more flavor. I could not taste the cumin, chile, or anything really other than the slightly-sour tomato flavor. Has anyone else had a similar result?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Phil – Thanks for taking the time to write to us with your feedback, and I’m sorry you were disappointed with the recipe. Most of the comments left here previously have been positive but perhaps another reader will see your comment here chime in!

  • nikki wrote:

    We have missed the Edgewater Cafe, and have tried so many Chimichangas in other restaraunts that have always left us disappointed. I was so happy to have come across this recipe. I made it tonight and it was sooo good! Thank you so much for posting.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Nikki! So glad you enjoyed the recipe! I miss the Edgewater too! 🙂

  • Kris wrote:

    So if I cut this recipe in half, since there is only 2 of us, how long would I then cook it for??

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Kris – Sorry for not responding sooner. The cooking time will probably be similar (you’ll still want to cook the chicken until fork tender). You could try checking it around 2 hours to see if it shreds but you might end up going the full 3 hours for the full batch. Hope that helps!

  • Sun wrote:

    Dear Jack and Martha,

    Very rarely do I take the effort to comment. I tried out this recipe, and it came out so good. Your effort and details of every aspect is well appreciated. WE now have a staple lunch for our 2 kids….

    Once again, Keep up this great work, of helping to hold on to our traditional recipes and techniques….
    Good food…takes 3 hrs to cook… that goodness can enter….


    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Sun – Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us today! We’re so happy you and your family enjoyed the recipe! Martha

  • Nichole DeVos wrote:

    I’m just making this in the crockpot and when putting in my oregano I used ground and I’m thinking I should have used leaf. Will this taste way off?

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Nichole – The ground oregano might give it a little stronger flavor – hopefully it will still taste good! I will edit the recipe to clarify oregano leave…thanks for writing to us today.

  • Jennifer wrote:

    Can you make this ahead and freeze in smaller amounts to use at different times? Always looking for ideas to keep on hand for a quick meal.

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Jennifer – Yes – you should be able to freeze and reheat this recipe.

  • Margaret wrote:

    Mexican was my daughters birthday dinner pick. She wanted chicken enchiladas so I decided to try and change things up a little. Your pulled chicken was OUTSTANDING! Used it to make chicken enchilada’s. My daughter said this will be her standard birthday meal request from now on.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Margaret – we’re very glad you all enjoyed the recipe!

  • dolores wrote:

    oh my goodness, just finished making your Mexican shredded chicken-made a slider for myself with jalapenos, and added made cole slaw-and it’s delicious!!!! I have a potluck tomorrow, and didn’t want the typical shredded BBQ chicken, I looked around, and remembered your site, how you have great recipes. It’s a keeper, I’ll be taking it in a crockpot to keep the chicken warm-Thank you for sharing your recipes

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks for writing to us Dolores! We’re glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Natasha Pollard wrote:

    I LOVE your site!!!! I am having a house warming and will be using several of your recipes. I am wondering if The ground beef tacos ( x3) , the Mexican Beef shredded (x3) , and the pulled chicken ( x2) would be enough meat to feed around 50 individual. Thanks SOOOOO much for your opinion. I also plan on making the mexican rice ( x3) ( Not sure if I triple it if it will be enough? ) OK I all stop rambling and I appreciate any advice!!!!

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Natasha! What a great idea for a house warming menu! Doing the math on our end – we think you would have just enough, but depending on if there are other foods you are serving as well if you have picky or hearty eaters at your party, all adults or lots of kids, you might want to increase the quantities. Jack – who has planned some large scale events in his day – for 50 adults would recommend doing 4x the ground beef tacos, 4x the shredded beef and 3x the chicken to ensure that you have enough for everyone. On the rice, assuming everyone will take a portion, we’d suggest 5x since the recipe serves 8-10. We hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions! Good luck with the party! Martha

      • Natasha Pollard wrote:

        Thanks soooo much! This is a HUGE help for us. Have a great day!!

      • Natasha Pollard wrote:

        Oh I also plan to have dessert ( store bought cake) and chips and salsa/guacamole.

        Because I was slightly off with the meat. I wonder if the toppings are a little off as well. Please take your time with getting back to me. When you do have time can you ask Jack about some of the following.

        Tomatos: 10

        Lettuce: 3 heads

        Onion: 4-5

        Cilantro: 3 cups lightly packed

        Limes: 15 ( cut up)

        Sour Cream: 3 Pints

        Cheese: 4-5 Lbs

        Taco Sauce: 3 bottles ?

        Hard Shells: 43 ?

        Soft Corn: 60 ?

        I wish I could hug you both as I really am excited for the party in two weeks, however, Ive never had this many people to entertain. lol 🙂

        • Martha wrote:

          Hi Natasha – Below are Jack’s recommendations and other thoughts for quantities! Have a great party!
          If you are assembling and serving, you can control the amount of food used and gauge as you serve. If this is self-service, you need to have food in reserve. Some people really like loading up tacos.
          (Tomatoes: 10) That may need to be bumped up a bit. I would go with 15.
          (Lettuce: 3 heads) That seems OK as long as they are nice large heads of iceberg
          (Onion: 4-5) Assuming these are large onions that seems OK too. People tend to shy away from onions in mixed company.
          (Cilantro: 3 cups lightly packed) More or less cilantro shouldn’t hurt anything if adjustments need to be made so OK there (maybe a few nice bunches, could also be used to garnish plates)
          (Limes: 15 (cut up)) Sounds good unless they will also be needed for Margaritas. (BTW – Have you seen our Margarita recipe on the blog? It’s fantastic!)
          (Sour Cream: 3 Pints) That is about one ounce each, may want to bump that up a tad to four
          (Cheese: 4-5 Lbs) 5 pounds is only about an ounce and a half per person. If this is self-service, may want to bump this up a bit.
          (Taco Sauce: 3 bottles ?) Assuming they are 12 ounce bottles, that is a little more than a half ounce per person…should be OK.
          (Hard Shells: 43 ?) My guess is that people will want one of each. I would go with 60 shells each (extra for the usual breakage of the hard shells)
          (Soft Corn: 60 ?) Sounds good

          • Natasha Pollard wrote:

            Ohhh margaritas I will have to check that out! Thank you for your kind words of advice. I am now officially ready to take on this taco meal!! This is for our house warming so I will take in your advice for self service as well. I will also make your taco sauce. Have a awesome week!!! I will send you some pictures of the finish spread. 🙂

          • Martha wrote:

            Thanks Natasha!! Can’t wait to see the photo!!

  • Slscottxny wrote:

    Made this tonight and used it for Buritos. A big hit! It makes a lot but i don’t think the leftovers will last long.

    • Martha wrote:

      Glad you enjoyed the recipe! We have lots of recipes on our site using this chicken – so if you need inspiration for the leftovers, be sure to search our site for pulled chicken recipes!

  • stephanie wrote:

    What us a good sub for the Agave here? I cannot wait to make this. Thank you!

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Stephanie – you can substitute honey. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

  • Monica wrote:

    Hi Martha! I’ve made this recipe multiple times now, each time it has been delicious!! I have always wanted to make chicken that taste as good as you get in a real Mexican restaurant, and this tastes even better! The last time I made it, I used the left over meat to make individual quesadillas and burritos and froze them. They’re quick and easy for lunches and taste just as good as the first day! Much less expensive and healthier than buying something prepackaged from the grocery store! Any idea on nutritional facts for this recipe?? Thanks!

  • bj wrote:

    disappointed u would tell people to cook with plastic wrap.. i would never attmpt this ..everyone has a variety of lids at their disposal these days.. glass being best. plastic does melt in heat AND it gives off a toxic chemical that will turn into a vpir and be absorbed into the food. aside from this toxin, i highly doubt some of the plastc chemical doesn’t melt into the food… honest to god ths is the craziest most irresponible howto i’ve ever seen advertised on the net…

  • Samantha wrote:

    I was just wondering if this recipe is just as good done ahead of time and reheated or made in the slow cooker?

  • Kari wrote:

    Just made this last night in the crockpot and it turned out amazing! There was a lot more liquid that I had to drain off than I thought there would be but after I shredded the chicken I put it back on and let it simmer in the sauce for and other 30 min. Definitely crock pot friendly.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks for letting us know that it works in the crockpot too Kari! We’re glad you enjoyed the recipe!

      • Tara wrote:

        How long would you cook this in a crockpot?

        • Martha wrote:

          Hi Tara – We’ve only made it as written, but I just browsed through some of the earlier comments and it looks like someone made this in the slow cooker and for her, it took 3/5 hours. Hope that helps!

    • Briana wrote:

      Awesome! I just threw everything in my crockpot and have high hopes!

  • Michaela wrote:

    I’ve just cooked it and it is absolutely delicious! Thanks from the Czech Republic 🙂

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you Michaela!

  • Barb McArthur wrote:

    Love your recipes and can’t tell you how much our family loves anything Mexican.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you so much Barb!! Happy New Year!

  • Mattie wrote:

    Just a question on this, does the whole grain mustard refer to whole mustard seeds? Sounds silly, but I just want to clarify it so I’m not putting the wrong thing in!

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Mattie – Not silly at all! 🙂 Yes – look for the mustard that has the whole mustard seeds in it for this recipe! Hope you enjoy the dish!

  • Penny wrote:

    Martha, thank you so much for taking the time to share this wonderful recipe. I made the mexican chicken yesterday and it was amazing. I made chimichangas and the chicken with a little pepperjack cheese was all that was needed to make them an instant hit with my husband. This recipe will definitely become a regular in our home. Thank you again!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thank you so much for writing to us Penny! We’re so glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for visiting our site too- Martha

  • Jennifer wrote:

    I tried this recipe for the enchiladas recipe on your site and it was awesome, actually i’m about to make it again. Hopefully I can stop “tasting” the chicken before I stuff it in the enchiladas this time, lol, it is soooo good.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Jennifer – so glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Mark Smith wrote:

    This is in the oven right now, house smells wonderful…. I am preparing to make a loaded baked potato an Mexican Pulled Chicken casserole.

    • Martha wrote:

      Hope you enjoy the recipe Mark! Thanks for visiting our site!

  • Danielle Storm | Traditional Mexican Cooking wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love Mexican food and love trying new recipes. This will be added to my list of ones to try.

  • Julia {The Roasted Root} wrote:

    You sold me at “Mexican”! Mexican’s a huge winner in my house (in fact, we had carnitas tacos tonight!) and we’re always looking for fun recipes. This one’s a keeper!

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks for stopping by Julia! Hope you enjoy the recipe!

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