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Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto

Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto - A Family Feast

Even if you aren’t on the Whole30 program, you’re going to love this easy and flavorful side dish: Spaghetti Squash with Pesto.

We heard from so many of you last week after we shared our Whole30 Stuffed Cabbage recipe! You told us that you loved seeing some healthier, low-carb recipe options from us here on A Family Feast, and you wanted to see even more Whole30 recipes. (Happy to oblige!) 🙂

But really – we’re sharing this Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto recipe simply because it’s delicious!


We tossed cooked spaghetti squash with prepared pesto and diced fresh tomatoes, and we drizzled a little bit of olive oil over the top before serving. Easy, fresh and full of fantastic flavor – this side dish is great served alongside some grilled chicken or steak!

Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto - A Family Feast

Spaghetti squash is super versatile and easy to cook – you can microwave it like we did in this recipe, or steam, boil or bake it until it is tender and the inside flesh easily pulls apart in spaghetti-like strands.



Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 25 mins
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4-6 servings


If you aren’t on the Whole30 program, you may enjoy using our homemade Pesto in this recipe (click here).


  • 1 medium to large spaghetti squash
  • 3 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced
  • ¼ cup Whole 30 Pesto (see recipe here)
  • Extra virgin olive oil, optional


  1. Poke a few holes in the skin of the uncut spaghetti squash with a fork. Place entire uncut squash in the microwave and microwave for 8-10 minutes on high to get skin pliable enough to cut.
  2. Use a dish towel to remove the squash to your cutting board and cut from end to end in half.
  3. Remove and discard seeds.
  4. Place squash cut side down on a plate or platter and microwave on high for about 15 minutes, using five minute intervals. Once the squash is soft, invert and using a fork, pull and scrape the meat from the squash, finishing with a spoon to remove all flesh from shell. Discard the outer shell.
  5. Toss with tomatoes and pesto and serve. (Note: If your pesto is too thick, add some additional olive oil to loosen it.)
  6. Optional: Drizzle with olive oil before serving if desired.

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Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto - A Family Feast

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  1. Martha,
    Just saw your recipe for spaghetti squash and knew instantly what I was having for dinner—hubby is not home tonight, plus he’s not a fan. I will be using my last jar of frozen pesto from last season’s basil.
    I am very interested in the Whole30 plan, sounds like such a healthy way to prepare food. We may give it a try by following a few of your recipes before we comment to it full time. You always surprise me with your creative and tasty take on food.

    • Thank you Linda! Hope you enjoy the recipe! If you decide to try a Whole30 I do recommend reading the book It Starts with Food. It explains why some foods are good for you and some aren’t…and also why the low fat, high carb diets we were all led to believe are healthier may not be the best for our bodies afterall. I will say both Jack and I both feel great and have tons of energy, not hungry and craving foods, we’ve both lost some weight, and we’re sleeping better. After the 30 days we start reintroducing foods to see if there are any that we each negatively react to – and go from there. Sorry for the long response – this has been a surprisingly good ‘experiment’! Thanks for writing to us today – enjoy your dinner! Martha

  2. Rach's Recipes :

    This was so good and healthy. I added lemon rind, lemon juice, as well as chopped herbs: basil, oregano, and spinach. I enjoyed it with a side of baked salmon. Everything went really well – thanks!

  3. I made this last night for my dad’s birthday and it was a hit! I used an avocado pesto recipe instead and loved it but I know it would be yummy with any pesto recipe. It was very satisfying and my whole family gave it a thumbs up. I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  4. You never mention to poke or cut the squash before cooking in micro. I am new to cooking spaghetti squash and mine blew up in the microwave!

    • Oh no Dawn – I’m so sorry that happened! That first microwaving step was supposed to be just long enough to soften the skin – ours did not explode but a different microwave might stronger than ours. I will update the recipe suggesting a few pokes in the skin to avoid that from happening. Again – I’m so sorry it happened. Thank you for letting us know. Martha

  5. Pamela Vosburgh :

    Is the Parmesan Reggiano and the Romano okay for the whole30? Is it consider a dairy product? I am new to the Whole30, and so I am just trying to find a good recipe for spaghetti squash. Your recipe sound very good, I just wasn’t sure if you can have the 2 cheeses that are in the Pesto.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Pamela – No – the Parmesan and Romano cheeses are not Whole30 compliant. (If you take another look at the comment at the top of our recipe, we mention that you can use our pesto recipe if you are NOT following the Whole30. Sorry for the confusion!) Since you are on a Whole30, you should click over to the Pesto recipe on the Whole30 website – there is a link to that in the ingredients list. Hope that helps!

  6. Winner!!! Tried this tonight and loved it! It is now a staple in our house!

  7. Hi Martha! I’m getting ready to start Whole 30 tomorrow and I can’t wait to try this recipe!
    I’ve featured your recipe on my latest blog post:
    15 Quick & Easy Whole30 Dinners

  8. Just ate this for dinner. Wonderful. I did add some sun dried tomatoes and fresh ground pepper. So good I’m taking it to work tomorrow

  9. Gloria Wilson :

    Looks good I am going to try the spaghetti squash receipe with pesto. Will get back with the turnout.