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Tzimmes is a classic Jewish dish made with roasted vegetables and dried fruit. Make this delicious meal for the holidays!


This Tzimmes recipe is sponsored by Peapod as part of our ongoing partnership. All opinions are 100% mine.  

If you’re a regular reader here at A Family Feast, then you know that Jack and I have a soft spot in our hearts for family recipes that are passed down through generations. At any time of the year, families establish traditions through the foods that they prepare for their special holiday meals.

Tzimmes is one of those recipes. It’s a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish stew made with sweet roasted vegetables and dried fruit. It is often served during the Jewish holidays – for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) when sweet foods are served to symbolize hope for the New Year.  But many Jewish families serve it at Passover, Hanukkah, or for any special family meal.




Tzimmes is pronounced “tsi-miss” and it’s a Yiddish expression that means “making a fuss.” With a variety of roasted root vegetables in this dish including beets, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and leeks – there is a fair amount of peeling and chopping involved.  And – to prevent the entire dish from turning a bright pink from the red beets, we roasted those separately from the other vegetables.

A sweet sauce of dried fruit, brown sugar, butter, lemon juice and zest and seasonings also cooks on the stove – then that is poured over the vegetables before a final roasting in the oven.



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  1. Martha – thanks for the tzimmes recipe! I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I’m going to try it along with the herb roasted chicken, which looks delicious.