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Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites are a delicious sweet treat that everyone loves.

Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites - A Family FeastChocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

Now that school is back in full swing for our eleven-year-old, we’re back to the routine of packing lunch every weekday morning. We often like to include a little treat in our daughter’s lunch box, like these soft and sweet Chocolate Avocado Brownies!

Our daughter loves the brownie bites from our supermarket’s bakery. For an occasional treat, we’ll buy a container and keep it in the freezer, then pack one up in her lunchbox. But the thrifty side of me knew that we could bake some homemade brownie bites ourselves – which would be a lot less expensive and taste even better.


Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

The morning we set out to bake our homemade brownie bites recipe, we had some avocados sitting on our counter that were on the brink of becoming over ripe. I’ve seen lots of other recipes for baked goods where avocados are added to the batter as a healthier swap for other oils and fats. So – we made these into Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites!

Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites


How do you make Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites?

We started with our favorite brownie recipe, but swapped in avocados for the oil, plus a few other adjustments to make these a little healthier. We used a small scoop to portion the batter into lined, mini muffin tins – and they baked up into delectable little bites!

These Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites bake up into a soft fudgy brownie (in my opinion – the perfect texture) and they are sweet but not overly sweet.

Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

We always tell our daughter when we add ‘surprise’ ingredients to her foods – and she loved these Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites just as much as the supermarket version that inspired today’s recipe.

These Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites also freeze well. To avoid freezer burn, store them in an air tight container or a zipper seal bag with as much of the air squeezed out as possible.

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Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites - A Family FeastChocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

  • Author: A Family Feast
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Yield: 3 dozen
  • Category: dessert
  • Method: baking
  • Cuisine: American


2 ounces Baker’s semisweet chocolate squares

2 tablespoons canola oil

2 whole ripe avocados

2 cups granulated sugar

½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3 whole eggs beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

¼ teaspoon salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Line a mini muffin pan with mini paper liners and spray the inside of each with non-stick pan spray. You may need to bake in batches depending on how many pans you own.

In a small glass bowl, add chocolate squares broken up into pieces along with the oil and microwave for two 30 second intervals, whisking after each. Remove from microwave and whisk until all of the chocolate has melted.

Cut avocado in half and remove pit (see here), then scrape out the inner flesh of the avocado with a spoon, placing the flesh in a large mixing bowl. Mash first with a fork, then with a rigid wire whisk until creamy and smooth.

Whisk in the melted chocolate.

Add sugar and cocoa powder and whisk again.

Add in the eggs and vanilla and whisk again.

Switch to a wooden spoon and add in the flour and salt, stirring to combine.

Spray the paper liners with a quick shot of pan spray.

Use a one-ounce scoop and fill each muffin liner with batter up to the edge, making sure you have an even amount of batter in each liner. (*See our helpful tip below in the recipe notes.)

In the upper third of your oven, bake for 18 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick poked in the center of one brownie comes out clean and the top bounces back slightly. (Ours took exactly 18 minutes and were fudgy in the center even after cooling.) Do not over bake.

Carefully remove each brownie bite to a rack and cool. Note: They will be high and puffy when they come out of the oven, then they will deflate slighty as they cool.  The carry-over heat will bake them further as  they sit to cool so again, be sure not to over bake to ensure the perfect fudgy consistency.

Reuse the pan if you are baking another batch and repeat previous steps.


*To make it easier to scoop the batter into the muffin cups, keep a small bowl of hot water nearby to dip your scoop (shaking out the excess water) before scooping the next brownie.

These Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites store well in the freezer. Freeze in a single layer on a small sheet pan, then once frozen, store in an air-tight zipper seal bag. We place one frozen brownie in our daugther’s lunch for a treat and by the time she’s ready for lunch, the brownie bite has thawed.

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Chocolate Avocado Brownie Bites

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  • Angela wrote:

    I have looked for the calorie count and all the facts but can’t find them. Can someone help me figure this out/ she said she attached at the bottom of recipe card but I don’t see them

    • Martha wrote:

      Try now Angela – looks like there was a typo in the code. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Renae wrote:

    Love these!! I actually do bake them in a regular muffin tin and just add 2-5 mins to the time. Typically I do 18mins and then check on them, then add 2-3 mins until they come out semi clean. I’ve also started the batch at 400° for 5-8mins to get the rise and then turn it down to 350° for the remaining 10-12 mins. They turn out great! Almost like a inside-out brownie—crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle! I wonder though if you could sub out the sugar for something else? Maybe applesauce? Or half sugar/half Splenda? Just seems like a lot of sugar.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks for the suggestion Renae! Always helpful to hear how others have adapted the recipe.

  • Terri wrote:

    Hi Martha,
    If I wanted to make these in a regular muffin tin, howling would I need to bake them?

  • Gayle wrote:

    Can you please list the nutrition facts. Thank you

    • Martha wrote:

      Hi Gayle – I’ve just added the nutritional information to the bottom of the recipe card.

  • Lorraine Gagnon wrote:

    I had 2 Avocadoes in the fridge that I wanted to use. Searching your site for recipes, I came across the Avocado Brownie Bite recipe. I just made these this morning, and they are delicious. Although, they are so small, I could eat the entire batch in one sitting. Great for kids to snack on after school, or as a treat in their lunch box.

    • Martha wrote:

      Thanks Lorraine! (I’ve been known to eat more than a few in one sitting myself!) 🙂

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