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Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce - a delicious twist on traditional Thanksgiving flavors! Tender meatballs in an Asian-inspired cranberry sweet & sour sauce!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, holiday menu-planning at our house is in full swing – not only for recipes you’ll see here on A Family Feast, but also for our own family gatherings!  My husband Jack is always looking for creative and interesting twists on traditional holiday classics – and these Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce are a delicious appetizer for any family gathering!

These tender and flavorful meatballs are made with a mix of ground turkey and Italian sausage that has been seasoned with a hint of Chinese five-spice powder.  Then they are served in a sweet and tangy sauce made with cranberry sauce, pineapple juice, sweet chili sauce and balsamic vinegar that is the perfect complement to the flavors in the meatballs!

Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce - a delicious twist on traditional Thanksgiving flavors! Tender meatballs in an Asian-inspired cranberry sweet & sour sauce!

With all of the entertaining that we do around the holidays, Jack and I are very aware of all of the food we’re buying – and we try to make smart choices at the market.  Lately, those choices are to Become Carton Smart by purchasing foods that come in environmentally-friendly cartons just like these:


Just take a look around your supermarket and, once you start searching for it, you’ll be amazed at all of the great food products that are now packaged in Tetra Pak cartons!  From traditional holiday classics like pumpkin puree, cranberry sauce, chicken stock, soups, milk, juices and many other foods – cartons are a smart choice!

Not only are cartons a smart choice for the environment, but they are a smart choice for your family.  The unique carton packaging process preserves the flavor and nutrients of food without the use of preservatives – and I love that the cartons are re-closeable so you can use what you need and save the rest for later.

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Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce - A Family Feast

Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce

  • Prep Time: 45 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Yield: 75 1-ounce meatballs


  • 1 8-ounce demi-loaf (white or wheat bread)
  • ½ cup milk
  • 2 whole eggs, beaten
  • ¼ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • ¼ cup sweet chili sauce (the sweet tomato-based kind such as Heinz; not the hot chili sauce made from peppers)
  • ¼ teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pound ground turkey (dark, or white/dark mix)
  • 1 pound Italian sausage, removed from casings
  • ¼ cup finely minced onions
  • 2 tablespoons garlic, pressed through a garlic press, or very finely minced
  • ½ cup finely shredded carrots

For the Sauce

  • 1 cup chili sauce (same as above)
  • 2 cups Pacific brand Jellied Cranberry Sauce
  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 6-ounce can of pineapple juice
  • 2 tablespoon corn starch


  1. Remove the crust from the bread and place it in large bowl and cover with the half cup of milk. Turn the bread several times so all of the milk gets absorbed. Let sit at room temperature while you prepare the sauce.
  2. In a medium Dutch oven (three quart size), place chili sauce, Pacific cranberry sauce, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. In a small bowl mix pineapple juice and corn starch and add to mixture. Heat and stir until the ingredients have blended and the sauce is thick. Remove from heat, cover and set aside.
  3. Once the bread has soaked for the full 30 minutes, wring out the bread with your hands, squeezing out as much of the milk as possible. What remains should be a good full cup of wet bread. With your hands or a spoon, break up and mix the wet bread until it is really mashed. Add eggs and with a fork, mix well. Add Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, five-spice powder, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly again until very well blended. This step can be done in a stand mixer however the meat must be mixed by hand.
  4. Add ground turkey, Italian sausage, onion, garlic and carrots and gently work the mixture with your hands until mixed. Try not to over mix.
  5. With a scoop, measure out 75 meatballs about one ounce each and place on a tray that will fit in your refrigerator. (They will be rolled later so don’t worry about getting them perfectly round at this point.) Place the meatballs in the refrigerator to set up for about 30 minutes.
  6. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  7. Remove meatballs from the refrigerator, and with a bowl of water for wetting your hands, roll the balls into rounds. As you roll each meatball, place on a parchment lined sheet pan.
  8. Bake for 15 minutes, remove from the oven and add the cooked meatballs to the sauce. Cover the Dutch oven and place back in the oven for 15 minutes.
  9. Remove from the oven, pour into a serving container and serve, or skewer cooked meatballs and serve on a platter.


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  • Harmony B wrote:

    My favorite charity is Hometown Heroes, NJ. They have helped many including myself after Hurricane Sandy

    We use carton chicken stock for everything from soup to mashed potatoes

  • Thomas Murphy wrote:

    I use left over turkey for sandwiches. My favorite charity is The American Cancer Society.

  • Amanda Sakovitz wrote:

    My recipe is chicken noodle soup with pepperoni and I use cartons of chicken stock.

  • Catherine L wrote:

    I always use carton chicken stock for my Southern style homemade chicken and biscuits. I also use carton pumpkin puree to make some delicious pumpkin coconut soup.

  • Jessica Miller wrote:

    Use left over turkey for sandwiches! I also buy cartons of chicken stocks for soup.

  • Joanne R wrote:

    My favorite charity is our local food pantry. Donations are down, as to be expected in this economy. I live in North Vernon, IN and this pantry takes care of over 800 families each month. If you have never volunteered at a food pantry, you should. It will definitely change the way you look at them and the people who couldn’t survive without them.

    Lots of work, but oh, so, worth it!

  • Sandy Headtke wrote:

    CHP 11-99 Foundation is my favorite non-profit. My tip is to use the crock pot for as much as possible.

  • hallie p wrote:

    After a holiday dinner I like to wrap up packages of to-go foods to send off with each family member so that the food does not waste away in my fridge. Also a charity I love is the humane society!

  • Erin Segal wrote:

    My tip is to have everyone coming bring a dish. You’ll have less to prep and cook, you’ll use less energy in your home, produce less waste and be less stressed. Ask people to bring empty tupperware with them so they can take home some leftovers and you don’t end up throwing out spoiled food in a week.

    My charity of choice is the Worcester Animal Rescue League in Worcester, MA.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Julie wrote:

    The American Cancer Society-the simpler the better works for me.I try to prepare ahead
    freeze cookies…have others bring side dishes thanks for the giveaway

  • SueH wrote:

    American Red Cross always could use a few bucks. And my hint is to keep it simple, a few good dishes rather than 13 side and 5 desserts.

  • livivua wrote:

    My favorite charity is the boys and girls club!. Meal planning and potlucking are great for no stress entertaining

  • ELIZA ELLIOT wrote:

    The recipe looks great! I’ll have to try it – my tip is to use the shells of some foods as bowls to reduce waste…I love using the watermelon, melon or pumpkin shells for my serving dishes. I also love to bake a pumpkin pie inside the pumpkin. so yummy. My charity is the local Milwaukee Rescue Mission – they do so much for our community. thanks for the chance to win. truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Korri wrote:

    My charity is Freedom Fellowship and my tip is to use washable dishes and flatware.

  • Laura C. wrote:

    My favorite charity is Fair Trade USA and my tip would be to make dishes that use similar ingredients (i.e. onions, fresh herbs, stock, etch.) so you are not wasting food.

  • Shannon wrote:

    World Vision is my favorite charity and I use my veggie scraps to make broth! There’s nothing more low maintenance than soup for a crowd!

  • Ashley H wrote:

    I like the ASPCA. I would use beef stock in a carton to make roast beef.

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