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Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Tiramisu

Milano Tiramisu - A Family FeastToday, I’d like to start out with a special message for all of the ladies in our audience. So often – as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend, an employee, or a wife – we spend so much time taking care of other people that we sometime forget about focusing on ourselves! Am I right? Milano Tiramisu - A Family Feast We sometimes spread ourselves so thin that we don’t feel like we’re doing anything very well. I know I certainly feel that way sometimes – and I can tell (and my husband and daughter can tell too!) that I just need a little bit of a break!
So today, I’m joining with a group of other great bloggers and Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies to encourage you to take a moment for yourself! Savor the moment, take pleasure in this amazing journey we call life, and enjoy something special – just for us. Milano Tiramisu - A Family Feast Milano cookies are one of my favorite sweet treats right out of the package. They are a perfect little indulgence that is just for me! Milano Tiramisu - A Family Feast And for the gentlemen in our audience who are also reading this post today – especially those of you with a special lady in your life…I predict that she would LOVE this Milano Tiramisu recipe we’re sharing today! Milano Tiramisu - A Family Feast This Milano Tiramisu is very easy to make and (hint…hint…) if you happen to decide to give that special someone in your life a break by making her dinner tonight… it would be a delicious and memorable dessert to serve along with any special meal! Milano Tiramisu - A Family Feast Coffee-soaked Milano cookies layered with a rich and creamy custard made with mascarpone cheese …then topped with even more Milano cookies! This Milano Tiramisu is a dessert she will never forget!
Pepperidge Farm® Milano® is giving YOU the chance to win a $100 VISA Gift Card! Just leave us a comment below and tell us, “What’s YOUR favorite indulgence when you want to take a moment for yourself?” to enter for your chance to win! (See below for Sweepstakes Term & Conditions.)
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Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Tiramisu

*While raw eggs are traditionally used in tiramisu, to be safe, we recommend that you coddle the eggs to destroy any potential salmonella, or use store-bought eggs that are labeled as pasteurized.

  • Prep Time: 4 hours 30 mins
  • Total Time: 4 hours 30 mins
  • Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 6 egg yolks, coddled*
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 16 ounces mascarpone cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups strong brewed coffee
  • 3 7.5 ounce packages Pepperidge Farm® Double Chocolate Milano® Cookies – 27 cookies for layering and the remaining for garnish


  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, combine the egg yolks and sugar. Whisk on high speed until thick and creamy. Add the mascarpone cheese and 1 tablespoon of the brewed coffee and whisk again until fully combined. Set aside.
  2. Pour the remaining coffee into a small shallow bowl. One at a time, dip the Pepperidge Farm® Double Chocolate Milano® Cookies into the coffee for 5-10 seconds, allowing the cookie to absorb some of the coffee. Place the dipped cookies in the bottom of a small shallow baking dish or bowl filling the bottom of the dish in a single layer.
  3. Spoon 1/3 of the mascarpone mixture over the single layer of cookies. Repeat – dipping the cookies in coffee, then laying the cookies on top of the mascarpone. Spoon another 1/3 of the mascarpone over the cookies, then finish with a final layer of coffee-dipped cookies and a top layer of the final 1/3 mascarpone.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (or overnight). 5. When ready to serve, cut remaining Milano cookies into large pieces and sprinkle over the top. Serve immediately.

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  1. Wonderful contest Jack & Martha! I always think of Pepperidge Cookies as for adults only, but I think that’s just me justifying not sharing the kids, or waiting until they go to bed to indulge (is that terrible or what). My mom bought me the Pepperidge Chocolate chip cookies the other day and they hit the spot. Although I wouldn’t advise eating the whole bag! Such a creative dessert.

  2. My favorite way to press pause, unwind, and enjoy the moment is to take a nice hot bubble bath with my favorite soft music.

  3. What a genius idea~Milano cookies in Tiramisu! Can’t wait to try. Reminds me of another Pepperidge Farms fave~Chessmen Banana Pudding:-)

  4. I’m not able to very often, but sometimes, just going through the Starbucks drive-thru is a big treat!


  5. I like to make coffee, grab a good book and just read and relax.

  6. My favorite indulgence is to have a Starbuck’s Hot Caramel Coffee Latte with a big Cinnamon Roll!

  7. i love getting face masks

  8. steve weber :

    I love a nice bowl of ice cream.

  9. I like to have a piece of chocolate.

  10. tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/572510957542490112

  11. Betsy Barnes :

    One of my favorite ways to relax is in the late afternoon, I take a walk at a near by park. When I get back, I enjoy a cup of tea 🙂

  12. Betsy Barnes :
  13. I would love to cuddle up in bed by myself with a huge tub of ice cream watching reality tv like the BATCHELOR !:)

    woo hoo!

  14. I like to read a book and enjoy a cup of tea

  15. Patricia C. :

    I love a cup of chamomile tea right after I get the kids to sleep.

  16. Patricia C. :
  17. My favorite indulgence is a cup of coffee.

  18. My favorite indulgence when I want to take a moment for myself is relaxing in my massage chair and enjoying every moment.

  19. My favorite way to slow down and take time for me is to draw. I love to draw people and animals.

  20. There is nothing better than a warm brownie and homemade vanilla bean ice cream a good movie and a warm blanket!

  21. I love to relax with a good book and a nice glass of red wine!

  22. I love to unwind by taking a hot bath and cozying up by the fire with some hot cocoa and a good book.

  23. That looks soooo good. I was just eyeing all the new Milano flavors. My current favorite indugence is fruit!! I think that is because I cannot eat very much…it’s all I want now!

  24. I like to read in bed before I go to sleep.

  25. Reading. I don’t seem to find the time to do it as often as I would like, but there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a large glass of water.

  26. I like o go on hikes.

  27. actually my favorite indulgence IS Milano Cookies with a glass of (whole) milk. Just finished off the raspberry chocolate ones last night. Looking forward to trying the lemon ones next. 🙂

  28. I relax by taking a nice warm bath, cuddling up under my blanket and watch my shows.

  29. I LOVE the double chocolate Milanos. In fact, hubby and I shared a whole bag with milk just last night. 🙂

  30. I set aside a moment of time every week to read and relax.

  31. Sandy Klocinski :

    I take some time to meditate, even if it’s just for five minutes.

  32. Sandy Klocinski :
  33. Adrienne gordon :

    Ice cream is my favorite

  34. Stephanie V. :

    Our whole family loves the milk chocolate Milanos — our favorite indulgence!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  35. Margaret Smith :

    I usually enjoy a cup of tea with either some cookies or a small piece of cake.

  36. Margaret Smith :
  37. My favorite indulgence is soaking in a very hot bath. I like to not only have a good glass of wine but it must be accompanied with Pepperidge Farm cookies.

  38. Gail Crawford :

    Pepperidge farms is so tasty.

  39. Tari Lawson :

    My favorite indulgence is Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt.

  40. I have a piece of cheesecake

  41. A cup of coffee and a good cookie in the afternoon recharges my energy.

  42. my favorite indulgence is either a massage or a summer afternoon nap

  43. A good book in a quiet room…and maybe some chocolate

  44. My favorite indulgence is coffee with dark chocolate cookies when I want to take a moment for myself.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  45. -https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/574428409612251136

  46. Janice Whitaker :

    I have a friend who makes banana pudding with these and its wonderful!!

  47. Brittney House :

    I love eating cookie dough icecream.

  48. Dagmar Finch :

    I work nightshift. When 3 am comes around and my mood and body rhythm dipps – Milano to the rescue! A good cup of coffee and a Milano cookie or two, and the world is a much better place!

  49. Debbi Wellenstein :

    I like to relax in a hot tub with a good book and a glass of wine.

  50. My favorite indulgence is a long hot bubble bath and a good book!

  51. My favorite indulgent is to read a book and drink a warm coffee! Even better, some time out shopping without the kids!

  52. My favorite indulgence is to sit in the hot tub after everyone else has gone to bed.

  53. sarah hirsch :

    my favorite indulgence is gelato

  54. My favorite is a hot fudge sundae

  55. I love to whip up a mini brownie just for me. yummy!

  56. I love milano cookies! This looks delicious. 🙂 My favorite indulgence – sudoku puzzles. 🙂

  57. This tiramisu sounds fantastic! What a creative idea!

  58. My favorite indulgence is actually a nice cup of tea and a book

  59. My favorite indulgence is a cup of coffee with frothed milk and some dark chocolate.

  60. I love to read a good book with a cup of coffee:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. tina reynolds :

    I would have while cuddled up with hubby watching a movie

  62. My favorite indulgence when I want to take a moment for myself is to chomp on a cup of ice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I like taking a walk

  64. I love a bit of dark chocolate.

  65. Sneaking a bit of chocolate in the afternoon while the baby naps — the perfect indulgence!

  66. Barbara Montag :

    My indulgence is Starbucks iced coffee even in the winter!
    thank you

  67. Barbara Montag :
  68. Mine is I like to take time and look at pictures of what we have done the last week or month. Really makes me appreciate all the fun and love we have as a family. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  69. I like to take the time to read before going to sleep. my own quiet time.

  70. My favorite indulgence in an ice cream cone.

  71. My favorite indulgence is a hazelnut latte. (of course Milanos & a cup of coffee are delish too!!)

  72. Time alone in my sewing room and chocolate

  73. a chair on the bank of the St Lawrence River, my knitting and a ice cold coke. Heavenly me time

  74. i take a hot bath and a glass of wine!

  75. Michele Baron :

    My favorite indulgence is an pecan pie

  76. Michele Baron :
  77. my favorite indulgence is chocolate mousse

  78. my favorite indulgence is chocolate mousse

  79. I like to read in bed at the end of the day while eating treats.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  80. paige chandler :

    I take a stress relief bubble bath with no phone and no kids.

  81. My favorite indulgence is chocolate ice cream.

  82. John Stetson :

    I like to lay by the pool so that the sun warms my body while my mind wanders off. Thankfully it always comes back.

  83. Every once in a while I like to indulge in a homemade peanut butter milkshake

  84. A long, hot shower.

  85. Anastasia Falling :

    When I take some time to myself, I love to grab some chocolate or yummy cookies and watch a good sci fi movie 🙂 That’s that height of indulgence for me 🙂

  86. Anastasia Falling :
  87. I love Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt!!

  88. I love gourmet coffee with something sweet.

  89. I take a moment in the mornings when everyone is still asleep. I brew a special cup of coffee and enjoy some quiet time. Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  90. tweet–https://twitter.com/WildOrchid985/status/582519060069527552

  91. My favorite food indulgence is apple pie with whipped cream on top.

  92. Stephanie Phelps :

    My favorite indulgence when I want time for myself is a cup of coffee on my back porch!

  93. Stephanie Phelps :
  94. I enjoy hot baths and chocolate!

  95. Coffee and a good book are my favorite indulgences when taking time out for myself!

  96. I love curling up with a good book and a bag of Lindt milk chocolate truffels!

  97. I take time out for myself by making sure I have a daily workout. Taking time to keep fit and healthy makes me feel good.

  98. Janice Cooper :

    I love a good dessert (chocolate) followed by my favorite music or a good book

  99. Janice Cooper :
  100. Rebecca Graham :

    My favorite indulgence is an extra hot latte and a good book.

  101. I love indulging in hot chocolate. I could drink that all day!

  102. My favorite indulgence is a long, hot bath. It’s a great out of the way place to be.

  103. I indulge in a hot drink and a good book 🙂

  104. I indulge with a long bubble bath!!

  105. I love taking the time to knit. 🙂

  106. Rosanne Morrison :

    There is a restaurant/bakery near here that has the best frosted brownies. I go and get one of those for a particularly stressful day. Sometimes I need a double

  107. I make time for myself with a cup of tea, a book and of course some cookies

  108. Favorite indulgence would be cheesecake!!

  109. Nicole Larsen :

    Pedicures are my biggest indulgence to relax and enjoy me!

  110. Stephanie Galbraith :

    My favorite indulgence is cookie dough.

  111. Kimmy Ripley :

    I love to eat a few chocolates.

  112. I take a walk to relax.

  113. Indulging in a treat. This cake looks amazing!

  114. A nice (big) glass of wine

  115. I like to drink tea

  116. My favorite indulgence would be a slice of cherry cheesecake 🙂

  117. For me, that would be coffee and a donut!

  118. Claudia Davis :

    My fav indulgence is a hot chocolate

  119. Claudia Davis :
  120. Take a nap

  121. A big glass of wine.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  122. my favorite indulgence is chocolate!

  123. sherri crawford :

    i love a long hot bath

  124. Cindy Merrill :

    Having Some warm, gooey Chocolate Chip cookies with a frosty cold glass of milk is my favorite way to unwind and relax.

  125. My favorite way to slow down and take time for me is to read a good book while drinking wine on my deck

  126. Just laying in bed with a book.

  127. Richard Hicks :

    I relax by soaking in a hot tub and listening to music

  128. Richard Hicks :
  129. Sandy Headtke :

    I read a book in the bath tub

  130. Sandy Headtke :
  131. I like to have a smoke and play computer games. Sometimes I’ll read and take a bath/watch a movie. Whatever strikes at the moment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Quiet time to myself with a book, my pets and some snacks! Pure indulgence!

  133. After lunch, I like to make coffee and just read a good book !

  134. Carolyn Daley :

    My favorite “indulgence” when I want to take a moment for myself is homemade peanut butter pie, but your Milano Tiramisu recipe might change that.

  135. Carolyn Daley :

    I tweeted the link to this recipe and giveaway. https://twitter.com/DarkMysticNight/status/593097344125505537

  136. Ellie Wright :

    I like to take a long hot bath and read a cozy mystery. It’s my favorite way to unwind and take a moment to relax and rejuvenate myself.

  137. Ellie Wright :
  138. i love to do that doing a hot shower

  139. I relax in the warm swimming pool and reflect on what I’m thankful for.
    Thanks for the contest.

  140. My favorite indulgence is a glass of wine

  141. My favorite indulgence is really good, really dark chocolate, preferably with nuts or dried cherries or both!

  142. anything chocolate

  143. My favorite indulgence is binge watching a tv show

  144. My favorite indulgence when I want to take a moment for myself is sitting in the hot tub with a great book, a glass of wine and a scented candle!

  145. An indulgence would be a huge banana split with lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, but my relaxation is a long bath and a good book.

  146. Jacquelyn Burns :

    Hands down! My favorite indulgence is a latte.

  147. thischickwins :

    I like to take a few minutes and drink a hot mocha drink.

  148. Ice cream specialties!

  149. Chocolate! Preferably good quality milk chocolate! Yum!

  150. When I need a moment, I love to take a hike in the woods. While I am a long distance backpacker and can spends weeks/months out there hiking day in and day out, a hour in the woods can recharge/refresh me. This is my indulgement.

  151. I like to go into my room and read. I get some time to myself and get to do my favorite thing. Thank you!

  152. My favorite indulgence is getting a massage.

  153. Amanda Sakovitz :

    I like to go for a run. Makes me feel better.

  154. Amanda Sakovitz :
  155. Tracey byram :

    A glass of white zinfandel relaxes me

  156. I love Starbucks but cannot afford it very often. That indulgence is ALWAYS a moment! LOL

  157. I take time for myself by setting on my porch swing and reading a book.

  158. Francine Anchondo :

    I like to read a book.

  159. Seyma Shabbir :

    My favorite indulgence is sushi!

  160. Seyma Shabbir :
  161. Thomas Murphy :

    I get Starbucks when I want to take a moment for myself.

  162. Thomas Murphy :
  163. I like to get up right before sunrise, sit on my front porch and watch the sun come up! It’s my quiet time!

  164. My hubby built me a wooden swing in the back yard…I love to swing out there and reflect with a coffee!

  165. tina d reynolds :

    I love sitting on the back porch watching the set

  166. tina d reynolds :
  167. Buddy Garrett :

    My favorite way is to take a walk with our dogs.

  168. Coffee, a good book and something delicious, usually involving chocolate.

  169. I grew up coffee, serve myself some cookies and curl up with a good book.

  170. Eating a snickers bar, while drinking a cold pepsi and reading a book

    tbarrettno1 at gmail.com

  171. tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/593887254382247937

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  172. I like to take walks around my neighborhood.

  173. I try to relax by just enjoying the silence of the day.

  174. Pamela Gurganus :

    My favorite indulgence when I want to take a moment for myself is a good book and a nice glass of wine out on the patio on a cool summer evening.

  175. Pamela Gurganus :
  176. oreos and milk

  177. icannotsharemyemail :

    I LOVE YOU for this recipe! I mean seriously…. it my neck of the woods, it’s damned near impossible to find the traditionally crunchy lady fingers (‘savoiardi’) in my local grocery stores/supermarkets; all they carry are the soft, spongy ones. With these Milano cookies, my Tiramisu not only had a more pronounced flavor because of the chocolate between the cookies, but also had a better structure and overall texture! The only thing I did slightly different from your recipe was to spike it with dry Marsala wine and I used a really strong espresso (with the “crema”) instead of regular coffee. While I probably should really learn how to make savoiardi myself, this was a SIMPLE and GREAT idea… definitely one to keep! Thank you so much!