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Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole

  • Author: A Family Feast
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 12 servings
  • Category: casserole, entree
  • Method: baked
  • Cuisine: American


2 prepared recipes of our Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (6 cups total)

2 cups half and half

4 4-ounce cans solid white tuna, drained

2 cups frozen peas, thawed

12 ounces dry wide egg noodles

2 ounces plain potato chips, crushed


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and spray a 9x13x3- inch casserole dish with kitchen pan spray. Put a large pot of salted water on to boil and keep it hot until further in the recipe.

In a very large skillet, make our Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (recipe doubled or 6 cups).

Once the soup mix is done, add the 2 cups of half and half along with the drained tuna and thawed peas and stir gently. Cover and keep the heat on low to keep the mixture hot while you cook the noodles.

Add the noodles to the pot of boiling water and set your timer for five minutes. They will still be chewy but will cook further in the oven.

After cooking for five minutes, drain and place the noodles back into the pot and pour over the hot cream and tuna mixture and stir gently.

Pour this mixture into the casserole dish then crumble the chips over the top and bake uncovered for ten minutes.

Place under your broiler for a minute or two to brown, then serve immediately.

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