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Perfect Grilled Burgers

Perfect Grilled Burgers

Yield: 8 patties 1x
Prep: 15 minutesCook: 10 minutesTotal: 25 minutes


2 pounds 80/20 Ground beef

Kosher salt and black pepper

8 brioche buns

Butter to toast buns

Vegetable oil to oil grill


American or cheddar cheese


Tomato slices

Red onion slices

Dill pickle slices





Divide the ground beef into eight portions. Each one should be exactly four ounces (1/4 pound).

Without working the meat too much, press each portion into a flat patty about 4 ½ inches across and about ¾ inch thick. (Use the side of a knife or spatula to press the edges into a neat circle while pressing down on the top.)

Make a divot with your thumb, this will help the burger grill flat and not ball up in the center.

Salt and pepper the divot side of each burger.

Place divot up on a parchment lined sheet tray single layer and refrigerate while you prepare the other ingredients.

On a flat pan either over the grill or indoors on your stove, melt butter over medium high heat and place brioche buns cut down over the melted butter to toast. Set aside.

Prepare any toppings and refrigerate until needed.

Heat outdoor grill (or ribbed pan) to high heat and clean grill grates.

Pour a little vegetable oil into a cup and with long handled tongs, dip a wadded-up paper towel into the oil and brush on the grill grates.

Place the burgers on, divot side down, and salt and pepper each top. (If you cooked divot up, fat will form in the divot and will flare up when you flip)

At this point, do not touch or move. They need to stick then release from the grill grates. If you lift too soon, bits of burger will stay stuck to the grill.

After 3-4 minutes, the tops with look a little wet with beads of fat and the edges starting to dry. With a long-handled spatula, carefully flip each one over. If your grill has hot spots, and most grills do, try to place lesser cooked burgers in a hotter location as you flip and more cooked burgers in a cooler location for even doneness.

For medium rare, cook for up to three more minutes on the second side and then remove to a clean platter. For medium, cook an additional 30-60 seconds. For well done, continue to cook until desired doneness.

If cheese is being used, place on the second cooked side for 30-60 seconds before removing.

Serve immediately on toasted buns.

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Cuisine: American Method: grilled