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Summer Vegetable Medley - A Family Feast

Summer Vegetable Medley

Our Summer Vegetable Medley has thinly sliced fresh vegetables sauteed in butter until perfectly tender and tossed together for serving. This simple side dish is perfect for any summertime meal!

Yield: 6 servings 1x
Prep: 45 minutesCook: 15 minutesTotal: 1 hour


1 pound of zucchini (23 medium squash)

1 pound of yellow squash (23 medium squash)

8 ounces carrot (12 medium carrots)

8 ounces red bell pepper (chose one large thick-walled red bell pepper)

24 ounces red onion (about one quarter of an onion)

12 tablespoons butter (1 1/2 sticks), divided

1 teaspoon kosher salt


  1. Trim carrot by cutting off each end and peeling. Trim squash by trimming off each end. Trim pepper by cutting off top and bottom, cutting in half top to bottom and removing seeds and membranes. Trim onion by cutting in half top to bottom and peeling and cutting off root and stem.
  2. Julienne carrots, zucchini and summer squash using the julienne blade of your mandolin. If you only have a hand mandolin for slicing, place blade on the thinnest setting and using the finger guard, cut the three vegetables in half then lay the half down on its side and slice. Stack the slices and use a sharp knife to cut into thin strips. If you do not own a mandolin, slice a thin slice off one side of each vegetable then roll them over on that side so they sit flat. Then using a long sharp knife, slice from one side to the other, stack then slice the other way.
  3. Julienne the bell pepper by slicing off a bit of the top and bottom then cutting in half from top to bottom. Pick out seeds and cut off white membrane. Lay the half out flat and slice into thin strips.
  4. Julienne onion by cutting in half from top to bottom. Trim off skin, root and stem. Use mandolin to slice into thin slices placing the cut side down towards the mandolin. Any slices that do not pull apart into strips can be further cut with the knife. If using just the knife, lay one flat end on your board and cut into thin strips top to bottom.
  5. Heat a large saute pan over medium heat and melt 1 ½ tablespoons of the butter and saute each vegetable for three minutes each, using 1 ½ tablespoons of butter for each.
  6. Place remaining butter back into saute pan and add all of the vegetables along with salt and heat just to melt the butter and heat the vegetables.
  7. Serve immediately.

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Cuisine: American Method: saute