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Potato Roesti - A Family Feast

Potato Roesti

Yield: 4-6 servings 1x
Prep: 15 minutesCook: 20 minutesTotal: 35 minutes


2 pounds new red potatoes (buy medium to large size potoatos, not the small reds) (*also see Note below)

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon white pepper

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

4 tablespoons butter, divided

Zest of one lemon, as a topping

Fresh chopped chives, as a topping

Sour cream, as a topping


Place a large pot of salted water on to boil and add the whole skin-on potatoes.

This next step is important. You’ll only want to cook then 20 – 30 minutes depending on the potato size. Slide a fork into each potato. The outside should be soft but the center still firm. They will cook further after shredding. If you cook them too long, they will be difficult to shred and fry so again, the centers should be firm, almost hard. I took mine out, one at a time, as each wase done. All of my medium-sized potatoes were done in 20 minutes.

Once done, drain and fill the pot with potatoes and cold water. Drain and fill again with more cold water and move the pot to your counter.

Pull one potato out at a time onto your cutting board and with a sharp knife, drag the blade edge along the skin and it will peel right off. Do this for all of the potatoes. Discard skins.

Using a box grater on the large holes, shred all of the potatoes onto the cutting board then sprinkle on the salt, pepper and garlic powder. Gently toss with a fork a few times to incorporate the seasonings.

This next step is equally important. Choose a nonstick skillet approximately 10” across and a dinner plate or other round plate that when inverted will fit just inside the rim of the pan. This will be used to flip the Roesti once it is cooked on one side. Do not choose a plate larger than the pan opening as it will be very hard to invert.

Place the pan on a medium heat burner and melt two tablespoons of the butter until frothy and just starting to brown.

Add the shredded potatoes and use a small spatula to shape into a neat circle, slightly domed in the center.

Turn the burner to medium low to low and cover the pan with a lid and set timer for ten minutes.

Spray the plate with pan spray so that the potato slides off easy.

After ten minutes, place the prepared plate inverted over the potatoes. Lift the pan off by the handle and place your hand over the plate. Quickly but carefully flip the pan over while holding the plate in place. Lift the pan off and the cooked side of the potatoes will be facing up on the plate.

Add the remaining butter back to the pan over medium heat and once frothy and starting to brown, slide the Roesti off of the plate and into the pan so that the uncooked side is down.

Cover and cook for ten more minutes over medium low to low heat.

After ten minutes, slide the Roesti out of the pan and onto your serving plate. Zest one whole lemon over the top and sprinkle a few teaspoons of chopped chives over as well. Finally place a large dollop of sour cream in the center and serve.

To serve, cut into wedges and serve with a pie server. Serve extra sour cream on the side.

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*We highly recommend using a ‘waxy’ potato for this recipe, as new reds. Other types of potatoes including Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes are very starchy and your Potato Roesti will not retain its shape as you flip it.

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Cuisine: Swiss Method: fried