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Italian Toto Cookies

Italian Toto Cookies

Yield: 5 dozen 1x
Prep: 30 minutesCook: 45 minutesTotal: 1 hour 15 minutes


4 ¼ cups sifted all-purpose flour

4 teaspoons baking powder

5 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1 teaspoon ground cloves

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

3 large eggs, well beaten

1 cup whole milk

¾ cup vegetable oil

½ cup granulated sugar

½ cup brown sugar, packed

1 teaspoon orange extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped

¼ cup mini semisweet chocolate chips

½ cup drained maraschino cherries coarsely chopped


2 tablespoons melted butter

2 cups confectioner’s sugar

1 heaping tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

½ teaspoon orange extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons strong black coffee

12 tablespoons whole milk

1 small jar of red, green and white sprinkles


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large bowl sift the flour. You want 4 ¼ cups of sifted flour, not 4 ¼ cups of flour, sifted. So after you sift it, pour it out into another bowl and measure the now sifted flour back in to get 4 ¼ cups.

Sift in the baking powder, cocoa powder, ground cloves and ground cinnamon into the flour. Mix and aside.

In a medium bowl, beat eggs well with a whisk. Beat in the milk, oil, granulated sugar, brown sugar and both extracts.

Using a wooden spoon or a spatula, mix the wet into the dry ingredients.

Mix in the walnuts, chocolate chips and cherries.

Line three sheet trays with parchment paper and spray the paper with pan spray.

Using a one-ounce scoop, scoop out 20 cookies per tray (5X4) for a total of 60 cookies. Dip the scoop in water in between each cookie.

Wet your fingers and shape any mis-shaped cookies into a smooth round. The cookies do not spread and will look the same going in as coming out, just risen a bit.

Bake one pan at a time on the middle rack for 15 minutes.

While the first pan is baking, make the icing by mixing the melted butter with the confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, both extracts, the coffee and one tablespoon of the milk.  Use a wooden spoon or spatula to mix. If the icing is too thick and dry, add the additional milk. The icing should be thick but spreadable.

After 15 minutes, remove the first pan from the oven and place the second pan in.

Move the hot cookies from the first pan onto a rack and while still warm, frost with one third of the icing. The icing will pick up a glisten when frosted warm.

Immediately sprinkle or dip into the sprinkles to coat.

Repeat for next two pans.

Cool completely and serve or store in air tight container.

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Cuisine: Italian Method: baking