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Strawberries Romanoff

To quote the words of my husband Jack, this Strawberries Romanoff is an “O-M-G” recipe!”  One taste of this delicious dessert and we both predict you’ll be saying “Oh my God – this is SO good!” I’ve been looking forward to making Strawberries Romanoff ever since I ran across the recipe as we did some […]

Strawberry Shortcake with Mini Angel Food Cakes

It’s my favorite time of year – fresh strawberries are in season, and I can’t get enough of them! 🙂 We’ve found some great deals at the supermarket on gorgeous, red and juicy strawberries lately – so of course, we had to share one of our favorite, classic recipes: Strawberry Shortcake, and we made this […]

Atlantic Beach Pie

PIN THIS RECIPE! A few years ago, NPR’s All Things Considered radio show did a feature on the Atlantic Beach Pie – a North Carolina pie with a lemon custard filling and whipped cream topping, nestled inside a unique saltine cracker crumb crust. Back when I first read about the Atlantic Beach Pie, I was […]

Chocolate Nutella Toffee Icebox Cake

Our recipe for Chocolate Nutella Toffee Icebox Cake is an amped up version of the classic Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer icebox cake recipe that has been around for decades. The original version is amazingly good – pillows of soft whipped cream surround and soften the chocolate wafer cookies to perfection as they chill overnight.  We’ve […]

Chocolate Malted Mousse

I love dessert mousses.  There’s just something about a light and creamy dessert that appeals to me more than anything (well – except for maybe ice cream!) and this recipe for Chocolate Malted Mousse is right up there with one of my all-time favorite mousse recipes. This chocolate malted mousse combines crushed malted milk balls, chocolate […]

Espresso Black Bottom Pie

We served this Espresso Black Bottom Pie for Thanksgiving dessert last week – and wow – was it good!  We’ve rearranged our calendar this week to get this recipe shared with all of you as soon as possible! This amazing pie has a chocolate Oreo cookie crust, a chocolate mousse layer in the center, and […]