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Cranberry Apple Clafoutis

This Cranberry Apple Clafoutis is a creamy and delicious dessert that sounds very fancy – but it couldn’t any easier to make! PIN THIS RECIPE NOW!! At our house, I am usually the one making dessert.  But the other day, I was pleasantly surprised by some wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.  I followed my […]

Grilled Pound Cake with Vanilla Custard and Fresh Berries

  This Grilled Pound Cake with Vanilla Custard and Fresh Berries recipe was developed as part of our ongoing ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine. The Fourth of July is just a few weeks away – and I’m here to share some ideas to help make your summer celebrations super easy! First of […]

Vanilla Cream Cheese Custard

After your first spoonful of this Vanilla Cream Cheese Custard – I think you’ll agree with me that this is one of the creamiest and most decadent desserts you’ve ever eaten! This Vanilla Cream Cheese Custard is smooth and luscious, and full of rich vanilla flavor. By adding some softened cream cheese to a traditional, […]

Crème Brûlée (for Two)

My husband Jack will tell you that anytime we go out to dinner – if there is Crème Brûlée on the menu – I always order it for dessert! Sure, I love chocolate desserts too – but for me, there’s something soul-satisfying about cracking the hardened, sugar-caramel top of a Crème Brûlée with the back […]

Italian Ricotta Pie

We’re sharing this Italian Ricotta Pie as part of an ongoing Ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine. Today we’re sharing a treasured family recipe from my husband’s side of the family over on From The Pod. This recipe for Italian Ricotta Pie was part of a collection of handwritten (and very weathered) recipes that […]

Vanilla Custard Sauce

This Vanilla Custard Sauce is served with our recipe for Poached Pears in Red Wine.  It’s rich, creamy and delicious – and full of wonderful vanilla flavor! This vanilla custard doesn’t take long to make – but you do need to keep a watchful eye as you scald the milk on the stove, and again […]

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

Today is a special day! In addition to September 25th being Jack’s and my wedding anniversary (9 happy years!), today is also the official one year anniversary of A Family Feast! One year ago today, we registered our website domain (choosing our wedding anniversary as the official start for this blog somehow seemed like a […]

Apple Topped Cake

  I’ll share a little secret with all of you today…up until about two weeks ago, Jack and I had been without a fully-functioning oven in our kitchen since the beginning of May! Our almost-10-year-old gas range starting acting up a few months ago – so we knew it was time to buy a new […]

Bourbon Poached Peaches

There is an abundance of peaches in the market this year so we’ve stocked up!  And today’s recipe for Bourbon Poached Peaches is the first of several peach-inspired recipes we’re sharing with you this week! Jack and I were joking with each other over the weekend because we’re two people who never actually drink bourbon […]

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream

When Jack and I got married almost 9 years ago, one of our wedding gifts was an ice cream maker.  For an ice cream fanatic like myself, as you can probably guess, that gift was one of my favorites! The first batch of ice cream I made was this recipe we’re sharing today called “The […]

Brew Moon Chocolate Pudding

If you are a fan of warm, rich and decadent chocolate desserts – then this recipe for Brew Moon Chocolate Pudding is for you!  It can best be described as part chocolate pudding, part fudgy, right-out-of-the-oven brownie, and part molten lava chocolate cake…all combined into one amazing dessert! The name of this chocolate pudding comes […]

Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

This recipe for Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding came about thanks to a snowstorm.   One day, back when my husband worked in food service, a snow storm hit the area. Because of that storm, most of that day’s cinnamon rolls went unsold because very few customers came in for breakfast. In food service, nothing goes to […]

Chocolate Nutella Toffee Icebox Cake

Our recipe for Chocolate Nutella Toffee Icebox Cake is an amped up version of the classic Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer icebox cake recipe that has been around for decades. The original version is amazingly good – pillows of soft whipped cream surround and soften the chocolate wafer cookies to perfection as they chill overnight.  We’ve […]