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Sweet Potato Cauliflower Mash

Sweet Potato Cauliflower Mash is an easy and delicious way to eat more vegetables! For years, my husband Jack has been adding cooked sweet potatoes and cauliflower to a homemade cheese sauce that we use to prepare our 11-year-old daughter’s all-time favorite macaroni and cheese dinner. As a picky eater, this has been a great […]

Sweet Potato Soup with Orange Crème Fraîche (and Electrolux Immersion Blender Giveaway)

This Sweet Potato Soup with Orange Crème Fraîche is delicious Fall comfort food in a bowl! Also, enter to win an Electrolux® Masterpiece Collection Immersion Blender (Retail Value $229.99). Electrolux also provided us with their Masterpiece Collection Immersion Blender for testing and review purposes. All opinions below are 100% ours. With warm temperatures in the […]

Sweet Potato Pancakes

These Sweet Potato Pancakes are so good – they will have you eagerly looking forward to the day AFTER your Thanksgiving feast when you can finally make them! Made with leftover sweet potato casserole, these Sweet Potato Pancakes are a deliciously decadent breakfast. After Jack and I made this Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole recipe […]

Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole

Our Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole takes the traditional Thanksgiving side dish – and makes it even better!  I know – it’s hard to believe that just about everyone’s favorite side dish could get any better – but with our recipe – it does! Today’s scrumptious Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole recipe takes few extra […]

Sweet Potato and Apple Cake

A few weeks ago, my husband Jack traveled to South Carolina for a business trip, and the group he traveled with went out to dinner every night during the trip. Jack and I were on the tail end of our Whole30 program (you can read more about that here) – so enjoying a dessert after […]

Garden Vegetable Ragout

Today’s delicious Garden Vegetable Ragout was fully inspired by (as you can guess from the recipe name) a garden full of fresh vegetables! A “ragout” (pronounced ra-gu) is French for a main dish stew and it comes from the word ragoûter, which means “to revive the taste.” Our recipe today is a mix of sweet […]

Sweet Corn Soup

We are a family that eats soup all year round – even when the temperatures soar! And this is especially true in the case of today’s recipe for Sweet Corn Soup. This creamy, rich soup is the perfect way to enjoy sweet corn on the cob when it is in season during the summer months. […]

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Boursin Cheese

I need to start today’s post with an apology. I know that it’s only a few days before Thanksgiving and you probably already have your dinner menu planned out… I’m guessing that many of you (like us) already did most of your grocery shopping for your Thanksgiving meal and have no plans whatsoever to step […]

Corned Beef Breakfast Hash

TGIF!  This past week has been particularly hectic – poor Jack has been up for work before dawn almost every day this week!  So we’re looking forward to a quiet weekend of sleeping late (or as late as we can with a six-year-old) and just plain relaxing!  One of my favorite things about these kinds […]

Dinner Party Series – Part 2: Roasted Root Vegetables

Today we’re sharing a delicious recipe for Roasted Root Vegetables as Part 2 of our Dinner Party Series.  This hearty and satisfying side dish was served to us during a wonderful dinner party that we had last month at the house of our long-time friends Sandi and David. Sandi and David eat a mostly vegetarian diet, […]