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Turkey Brine Recipe & Thanksgiving Menu Planning

We’re sharing our favorite Turkey Brine recipe today plus some Thanksgiving Menu Planning Ideas as part of a sponsored post for College Inn. All opinions are 100% mine.  Two weeks to go until Thanksgiving…are you ready? No? OK …don’t panic…we are here to help! Today we’ll help you finalize your Thanksgiving menu with ideas for […]

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

Still looking for one last vegetable recipe for your holiday dinner?   Our Roasted Carrots and Parsnips are quick, easy and super flavorful! Parsnips are a root vegetable resembling a pale, golden carrot.  Their flavor is also similar to that of carrot – but when roasted, parsnips taste even sweeter and are really terrific paired alongside […]

Spice Rub for Chicken

We eat chicken quite often at our house so we’re always experimenting with different ways to prepare this versatile and delicious meat.  Sometimes we eat chicken that has been marinated and grilled, or coated with a breading and baked. Other times we might do a quick sautéed chicken. Or – if time allows – we […]

Sautéed Fresh Corn

This photo of our Sautéed Fresh Corn is a little misleading. I know – you’re probably thinking that the photo looks like your average sauté pan filled with some corn.  Nothing special – right? Well, you’re in for a deliciously good surprise…because this sautéed fresh corn is the absolute best and most amazing way to […]

Spiced Pecans

I’ve created a bit of a problem with these Spiced Pecans…my husband Jack can’t stop eating them!  These spiced pecans are so addictively delicious, he keeps snacking on them and says that they are the best pecans he’s ever had! A few months ago, we made some of these awesome Chinese fried walnuts, and since […]

Classic Egg Salad

Sometimes, as food bloggers, we think that we should be developing exotic, new recipes all the time.  But when it comes to egg salad, we think a simple, classic recipe is the best! Our six-year-old was anxious to get started on her Easter egg coloring earlier this week, so we made some hard-boiled eggs for coloring […]

Chinese Fried Walnuts

Fair warning…these Chinese Fried Walnuts are addictive! I am a big fan of foods that combine salty and sweet together, so when I first had these Chinese Fried Walnuts at my sister Joanne’s house a few years ago, it was love at first salty-sweet, crunchy bite.  The nuts are first boiled, then tossed in sugar […]