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Creamy Italian Dressing

Not to brag 😉 – but this Creamy Italian Dressing is better than anything you’ll find sold in a bottle! It also couldn’t be any easier to make. Chances are you have most of the ingredients to make this Creamy Italian Dressing already in your kitchen – mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, Parmesan […]

White Balsamic Vinaigrette

This White Balsamic Vinaigrette is the wonderful dressing that we used on yesterday’s Mixed Greens with Prosciutto and Cantaloupe salad. This easy vinaigrette is a variation of our Favorite Vinaigrette recipe – but in today’s recipe, we swapped in white balsamic vinegar for the red wine vinegar, plus we left out the fresh herbs. This […]

Egg-Free Caesar Dressing (and Marinade)

Caesar salads are a popular classic salad made from romaine lettuce and croutons, then topped with Parmesan cheese and a zesty dressing typically made with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and a variety of seasonings – plus a raw egg to give the dressing a creamy texture. But eating uncooked or undercooked eggs can pose […]

Russian Dressing

If you’ve followed us for a while here at A Family Feast, then you know that we are big proponents of cooking from scratch. This holds particularly true when it comes to salad dressings – like today’s homemade Russian Dressing! Why buy the bottled stuff when you can make a delicious homemade version that tastes […]

Everyday Asian Dressing

Today – yet another homemade dressing for your recipe collection! This time – it’s an Everyday Asian Dressing and it is really great for a few reasons. First – it’s super delicious. (Well – of course – we wouldn’t share it here if it wasn’t delicious!) Second – it’s made from ingredients you can easily […]

Savory Citrus Dressing

Here’s another great recipe to add to your collection of homemade salad dressings – our Savory Citrus Dressing! This recipe is one that my husband used to make on a regular basis during his corporate food service management days. Back then, he featured a ‘dressing of the week’ in the cafeteria salad bar – and […]

Simple Red Wine Vinaigrette

Everyone should have a few, simple salad dressing and vinaigrette recipes in their personal recipe collection, and we think this Simple Red Wine Vinaigrette is one of the best recipes to include! It’s one of our go-to vinaigrette recipes because it’s quick and easy (as well as delicious!) and it marries very well with grilled […]