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Spicy Grilled Peel and Eat Shrimp

Go ahead – grab a bunch of napkins – you’re going to want to dig right into this fantastic grilled shrimp recipe! These Spicy Grilled Peel and Eat Shrimp will have your taste buds singing! These Spicy Grilled Peel and Eat Shrimp have a distinctive Portuguese flavor thanks to crushed Pimenta Moida – a spicy, […]

Chicken and Linguica Sheet Pan Dinner

This Chicken and Linguica Sheet Pan Dinner recipe was developed as part of our ongoing ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine. With the holidays fast approaching, life is about to get even more hectic than usual! And while many of us are already looking ahead to planning our holiday meal menus – you […]

Portuguese-Style Mussels in Garlic Cream Sauce

Last December, Jack and I received a gift certificate to a Portuguese restaurant from our oldest daughter Courtney and her husband Ken. (They know we love going out to dinner – so it was a perfect gift!) The restaurant, Cotali Mar, is located in New Bedford – a community along the southern coast of Massachusetts […]

Hoppin’ John with Kale

Hoppin’ John is a traditional dish from the Southern region of the United States and it has African, French and Caribbean roots. (The blog What’s Cooking America does a great job explaining the vast history of this dish and you can read more about that right here.) While Hoppin’ John is typically made with black […]

Portuguese Tomato Rice (Arroz de Tomate)

Over the last few months, we’ve been trying quite a few recipes from the cookbook, “Food of Portugal” and this Arroz de Tomate – or Portuguese Tomato Rice – is now one of our go-to side dishes! According to the cookbook’s author Jean Anderson, this recipe is a favorite all over Portugal – but best […]

Key Lime Torte

Ever since we made this Portuguese-inspired meal (see here, here and here) earlier this year, my husband Jack has been eager to try some of the dessert recipes from the same cookbook called, The Food of Portugal. One recipe that caught Jack’s eye – this Key Lime Torte – looked particularly delicious and has been […]

Portuguese Kale Soup

Although my husband Jack’s family is Italian, he grew up in the midst of a large Portuguese community.  Because of that neighborly influence, Jack has made, served and eaten kale soup most of his life! Also called “caldo verde”, kale soup is sometimes referred to as the national soup of Portugal, and the typical main […]

Marinated Green Beans with Cilantro and Garlic

Today’s recipe for Marinated Green Beans with Cilantro and Garlic is another delicious side dish to go along with our Portuguese-inspired dinner party that we’re planning to host for our daughter Courtney’s future in-laws!   These green beans have a wonderful fresh flavor that complements the rest of the menu that includes our Pork Medallions Portuguese […]

Nourishing Rice (Arroz de Sustancia)

This recipe for Nourishing Rice or ‘Arroz de Sustancia’ is a delicious side dish that can be served with our Pork Medallions Portuguese recipe that we shared yesterday! In Portugal, this rice is sometimes eaten as a meal and so they call it Arroz de Sustancia, or ‘nourishing rice’ for that reason!  Long grain white […]

Pork Medallions Portuguese

Happy New Year everyone!  2014 promises to be an exciting year for our family because our oldest daughter Courtney is getting married in August!  And we’re so thrilled to welcome her wonderful fiancé, Kenny, into our family! Kenny comes from a large, close-knit Portuguese family – and Jack and I have been planning to have […]

Portuguese Rice Pudding

This recipe for Portuguese Rice Pudding is a popular dish that my husband Jack has served many, many times over the years.  It’s a sweet and creamy, vanilla-infused rice pudding and a wonderfully comforting dessert!  There’s a hint of orange in this rice pudding, as well as warm cinnamon sprinkled on top.  It’s so good! […]