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Blue Cheese Dressing

A delicious, homemade Blue Cheese Dressing is super easy to make! If you were to go out to dinner at a restaurant with my husband Jack and me, chances are one of us (and more likely both of us) would order Blue Cheese Dressing on our salad.  It’s our all-time favorite salad dressing! So – […]

Favorite Vinaigrette

Our Favorite Vinaigrette is a versatile, delicious salad dressing that everyone should have in their recipe collection! PIN THIS RECIPE NOW! This easy vinaigrette has been our go-to salad dressing recipe for years, and we make it anytime we have dinner guests.  Everyone loves this simple vinaigrette so much – and we’ve been asked for the […]

Herb-Infused Oil

Anytime we go to a restaurant, I’m thrilled when the server brings us a plate of Herb-Infused Oil along with the bread basket. Don’t get me wrong – I grew up on, and still very much love warm bread and butter. But dipping crusty, freshly baked bread in a plateful of olive oil that has […]

Whole30 Salmon Cakes with Tartar Sauce

My husband Jack and I are still following the Whole30 program as much as possible.  Actually – I have to give Jack even more kudos here… He is much more diligent about following the program than I, and he has lost over twenty pounds following the program – and it really shows! (I won’t complain […]

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

Still looking for one last vegetable recipe for your holiday dinner?   Our Roasted Carrots and Parsnips are quick, easy and super flavorful! Parsnips are a root vegetable resembling a pale, golden carrot.  Their flavor is also similar to that of carrot – but when roasted, parsnips taste even sweeter and are really terrific paired alongside […]

Greek Salad Dressing

This Greek Salad Dressing is my husband Jack’s attempt to recreate the famous, secret recipe for Greek salad dressing from Christo’s Restaurant in Brockton, Massachusetts.  It’s served with our Greek Salad with Meat recipe found here. Christo’s Restaurant is a landmark Greek restaurant that has been in business since 1964 and is known for serving […]

Dinner Party Series – Part 4: Almond Orange Cake

We’re wrapping up our Dinner Party Series today with this recipe for Almond Orange Cake.  Our friends Sandi and David ended a perfect meal with this moist and delicious cake infused with almonds and both orange and lemon zest for an intensely good citrus flavor.  And some gorgeous candied orange slices make a beautiful garnish […]

Roasted French-Style Potatoes

Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable and these Roasted French-Style Potatoes are a great option when you’re looking for a delicious side dish to serve with roasted meats, or if you’re looking for a little something different to serve with a gourmet burger or sandwich. There are many different ways to prepare these roasted french-style […]

Roasted Garlic Aioli

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been experimenting in the kitchen, and this easy Roasted Garlic Aioli has become one of our new favorite condiments! Similar to a homemade mayonnaise, aioli is a traditional sauce from the Provence region of France made with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks, and some variations include […]

Tuscan Roasted Potatoes

This delicious recipe for Tuscan Roasted Potatoes is one that my husband Jack and I brought back with us from our honeymoon.  We spent a week after our wedding in the Tuscany region of Italy, attending the Toscana Saporita Cooking School – a magnificent trip of a lifetime! After a fabulous breakfast each morning, we […]

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

We first made this recipe for Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti a few years back and it’s become an annual tradition to make these around the holidays ever since!  The sweet-tart flavors of the dried cranberries and salty crunch of the pistachios are perfectly balanced by the sweet vanilla-almond biscotti cookie.  In fact, this cookie is so […]