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Chocolate Malted Crinkles

At our house, I’m usually the one that does most of the dessert baking. But every once in a while, my husband Jack gets hit with the dessert-baking bug – and boy, am I thrilled when it happens! Such is the case the day that Jack decided to make these Chocolate Malted Crinkles! We were […]

30+ Recipes for Malted Milk Lovers

The unique flavor of malted milk is a reminder of my childhood!  Growing up, there was always a jar of Ovaltine in the cupboard and it was a special treat to enjoy  And to this day, I still love anything and everything made with the distinct taste of malted milk! So if you too love […]

Almond Malted Brittle Bars

We’re back today with another great recipe from my mother’s old recipe box – these incredible Almond Malted Brittle Bars – and we think this is one of the best recipes yet! My husband Jack has been happily browsing through my mom’s recipe box over the last few months for some new recipe inspiration – […]

Malted Mousse Cake

Every year around Eastertime, I look forward to seeing in the store the malted milk candy eggs that look like little robin’s eggs!  In addition to being so pretty to look at – I’ve always loved the flavor of malted milk and those little candies reminds me of my childhood! So a number of years […]

Grapenut Pudding with Fig Sauce

Our recipe for Grapenut Pudding with Fig Sauce is an updated version of a classic dessert that has been served at restaurants throughout New England for decades.  Many New Englanders are familiar with grapenut pudding – a rich, egg custard spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, and a soft bottom layer of grapenut ‘crust’ that forms as the custard […]