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Cara Cara Beet Salad

This gorgeous Cara Cara Beet Salad combines some of our favorite fresh produce and turns it into one amazing salad! Over the last few months, my husband Jack has eaten more Cara Cara oranges than I can count.  Any time we shop at the supermarket, Jack buys more Cara Caras oranges! I, on the other […]

Mixed Greens with Prosciutto and Cantaloupe

One of my favorite appetizers has always been prosciutto simply wrapped around a slice of melon. I love a good salty-sweet flavor pairing in just about any kind of dish! So the other day, I was at the supermarket and walked by a bin of giant cantaloupes, and I started thinking…why not use those same […]

Chopped Salad with Pasta

Our Chopped Salad with Pasta is another great option for a light summer menu!  What I particularly like about this recipe is that it’s a complete all-in-one meal – so it’s great packed as a take-along lunch for a picnic or a day at the beach. This chopped salad with pasta is full of delicious, […]

Greek Salad with Meat

My husband Jack grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts and anyone who lived in or around the city of Brockton has – like Jack – probably eaten at Christo’s Restaurant at least once in their life. Christo’s is a Greek restaurant that opened in 1964 on the East Side of Brockton, and it quickly became a […]

Mixed Greens with Pears, Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries and Spiced Pecans

Today we’re sharing an amazing salad recipe for Mixed Greens with Pears, Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries and Spiced Pecans.  This is a quick and super delicious salad that makes our guests go crazy (in a good way) anytime we serve it! Sweet, juicy Bartlett pear slices are mixed with tart dried cranberries, and some thinly […]

Roman Wedge Salad

Whenever my husband and I are lucky enough to line up a babysitter and have a date night out alone with each other, we often go to dinner and a movie.  While at dinner, one of our favorite salads to order is an iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing – also known as a […]

Caesar Salad with Grilled Caesar Chicken

My husband and I debated whether or not to post this recipe for our Caesar Salad with Grilled Caesar Chicken – because really, it’s so simple, it can hardly be called a recipe!  But we get asked so often how we make this meal that we’re happy to share our secret… The marinade for the […]