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Lentils with Brown Rice and Feta

Lentils with Brown Rice and Feta is a delicious and healthy idea for a Meatless Monday meal. We originally posted this Lentils with Brown Rice and Feta recipe back in February 2013.  After making this delicious dish again this past week, I thought we were long overdue to update the photos in this post! This […]

Tomato Lentil Soup with Sausage

This Tomato Lentil Soup with Sausage recipe is sponsored by Hunt’s tomatoes. All opinions are 100% mine. Brrrrr!! We’ve had some very cold weather these last few days – and all I really want is comfort food! One of our all-time favorite types of comfort food is soup – and this hearty, delicious Tomato Lentil […]

Curried Rice Pilaf With Red Lentils

As adventurous an eater as my husband Jack is – there are still some foods that he pretty much avoids. Foods flavored with curry are not his favorite – but I love it! So I’m bound and determined to change his mind with delicious recipes like today’s Curried Rice Pilaf with Red Lentils! The flavor […]

Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

Hey everyone! Jack and I would love your feedback! Here at A Family Feast, we’re probably best known for our family-friendly recipes that fall solidly into the “comfort food” category! We certainly love our meat and potatoes, pasta and cheeses, and decadent desserts! But every so often, we get an email or a comment from […]


I’m always thrilled to discover easy recipes made with ingredients that we always have on hand in our kitchen – and once combined – it tastes absolutely delicious! Such is the case with today’s recipe called Mujadarra. Mujadarra is a classic dish made from lentils and brown rice that have been smothered in caramelized, seasoned […]

Green Tomato Soup with Black Forest Ham

Last week – after a long stretch of gorgeous and warm fall weather – we finally had our first frost!  Needless to say, our garden is now done for the season – but we were able to salvage a few last green and partially-ripe tomatoes, as well as some peppers and herbs after the frost. […]