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Brownie Sundae with Bailey’s Sauce

This Brownie Sundae with Bailey’s Sauce is sweet heaven in a bowl! Ever since we made these cupcakes a couple of years ago for St. Patrick’s Day, my husband Jack has been known as “the cupcake guy” at our local liquor store.  Now, anytime Jack goes there to buy a bottle of some liquor for […]

Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet

This Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet is delicious, creamy, tangy and refreshing! PIN THIS RECIPE! I’m guessing you’ve found yourself in a similar situation as this:  A few weeks ago, I was baking a cake and called for some buttermilk to be added to the batter. Where we live, our local supermarket only sells buttermilk in one-quart […]

Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream

This Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream is summertime in a bowl! I can’t think of a better dessert to enjoy this summer than today’s Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream. Chunks of fresh peaches, blueberries and crystallized ginger are combined in a creamy vanilla ice cream that we infused with fresh ginger. For those of you […]

Chocolate Crunch Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Our Chocolate Crunch Strawberry Ice Cream Cake is an easy-to-make cake that is perfect for any celebration!

Cranberry Orange Sorbet

This sweet-tart Cranberry Orange Sorbet is a deliciously refreshing dessert! A few weeks ago, as we were cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday, we made a fantastic cranberry orange relish to eat with this turkey leftovers recipe. That relish – made with fresh cranberries, fresh oranges and sugar – gave up some delicious juices as it […]

Sweet Corn Gelato

Last month, we spent a few days visiting some friends on Cape Cod. One evening, we ventured over to Provincetown for dinner – followed by dessert at a little gelataria. It was there that I had my first taste of some amazing Sweet Corn Gelato! Fast forward a few weeks – and I’ve been dreaming […]

Palm Springs Date Shake

I came across the recipe for this Palm Springs Date Shake in a recent issue of Bon Appetit magazine, and I immediately ripped out the page from the magazine so I could try making it at home! This is a very unique and very delicious treat! A Palm Springs Date Shake is essentially a thick […]

Roasted Strawberry Crème Fraîche Ice Cream

Over the last two days, we’ve shared the simple recipes for two ingredients that go into today’s Roasted Strawberry Crème Fraîche ice cream. After tasting this scrumptious ice cream, my husband Jack said that this Roasted Strawberry Crème Fraîche Ice Cream is the best strawberry ice cream he has ever eaten! Our oven roasted strawberries […]


I’ve often teased my husband Jack that he must have been Asian in another life because of his incredible love for Asian food and the look of pure contentment he gets on his face when he eats it. (You can read more about that here.) So – if the same holds true for me, I […]

No-Churn Cinnamon Ice Cream

After we made (and photographed) yesterday’s recipe for Mexican Bread Pudding – I got to thinking…Our No-Churn Cinnamon Ice Cream would be a perfect complement to serve alongside that fantastic bread pudding! No-Churn ice creams – like today’s cinnamon version – are super easy to make and they come out creamy and delicious and you […]

No-Churn Peppermint Chip Ice Cream

My waistline is in for some big trouble… Ice cream is my biggest weakness in the world! If I had to choose one food to bring with me to a deserted island – it would be ice cream! I’m also a bit of a purist when it comes to making ice cream so I’ve never […]

Key Lime Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pistachio Crumb Topping

Our Key Lime Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pistachio Crumb Topping is another delicious way to enjoy fresh Key limes! This fantastic ice cream tastes just like a key lime pie – only in the form of ice cream. We started with our go-to homemade vanilla ice cream recipe but changed it up by replacing […]

Oatmeal Raisin Ice Cream

My husband Jack LOVES oatmeal raisin cookies!  Of all of the possible types of cookies – if he had his choice – Jack would choose oatmeal raisin!  So knowing Jack’s favorite dessert, a few years ago for a special holiday dinner, I made this delicious Oatmeal Raisin Ice Cream.  And as a special treat last […]

Biscoff Crunch Ice Cream Cake

Last year we published a delicious recipe for Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake.  That simple three-ingredient recipe became VERY popular – and over on Pinterest, as of today, it’s been pinned over 1.5 million times! So as you might imagine – that recipe has become one of our ‘signature’ desserts and we make it often!  […]

Hazelnut Affogato

Hazelnut Affogato is a fantastic and creamy dessert made by pouring hot espresso over vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake

There’s a saying, “Laughter is the music of the soul.”  And at our house, we laugh everyday – thanks in no small part to my husband Jack who really likes to keep things fun around our home!  In addition to Jack being a great cook, he also has a great sense of humor – and […]

Milky Way Bites Ice Cream {#GAMEDAYBITES}

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I’m sharing a fantastic recipe with you today for homemade Milky Way® Bites Ice Cream – a perfect dessert for your next game day party! We’ve been sharing quite a few of our favorite recipes for game day parties and tailgating these days –  ‘tis the […]

Coffee and Donuts Ice Cream

Coffee and donuts…ice cream!  Whaaat?!? You read that correctly – this is ice cream made with coffee and donuts.  And it’s really good… This is another recipe inspired by a night of watching television at home!  The Food Network featured a food truck in Los Angeles, California called The Lake Street Creamery and their most […]