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Perfect Prime Rib

PIN THIS RECIPE! My husband Jack is here today with his recipe and tutorial for making a Perfect Prime Rib. His approach is actually a little different than most recipes you see online these days – but it is what he learned in culinary school and it has always resulted in a perfect prime rib […]

25+ Patriotic Holiday Recipes

When it comes to celebrating holidays, we can probably all agree that they’re a great opportunity to gather around a table with friends and family and share good food. I think there’s something extra special about patriotic holidays, though. All of the red, white, and blue patriotic holiday recipes, the parades, fireworks, and fanfare around holidays […]


PIN THIS RECIPE NOW! Today’s recipe for Pierogi is one that is near and dear to my heart! I grew up in a family that was Polish on both sides, and today’s recipe is adapted from the one that my Babci (that means ‘grandmother’ in Polish) on my mother’s side of the family shared with […]

Perfect Holiday Ham

With Easter just a few weeks away, we thought this would be a great time to share our family recipe for Perfect Holiday Ham! This recipe – one that my husband Jack has perfected over the years – results in an incredibly moist ham with an addictively delicious, almost candy-like coating thanks to a perfectly […]

Pasta Frolla Christmas Jam Cookies

Pasta Frolla (Italian for “short pastry”) is a pastry dough that is used in many Italian recipes. It’s rich and buttery with a hint of lemon. While it’s often used in sweet recipes – like today’s Pasta Frolla Christmas Jam Cookies (as well as this recipe) – it can also be used in savory recipes […]

Orange Ricotta Cookies

Classic Italian foods always seem to make an appearance on our family table at the holidays.  For my husband Jack and his big Italian family – of course, that makes sense!  But for me – coming from a large Polish family – in between the pierogi and the stuffed cabbage that was always served at […]

Crab Imperial with Crostini

Holiday gatherings with family and friends call for a special menu and our recipe for Crab Imperial with Crostini is a delicious dish that is sure to impress your guests! Crab Imperial is a classic American recipe first served at a Baltimore-area restaurant called Thompson’s Sea Girt House in the late 19th century, and the […]

30+ Amazing and Fun Holiday Cocktails

Whenever we throw a party at our house, my husband Jack and I often times like to serve a ‘signature’ cocktail!  It’s a fun way to set the mood for a party and it just makes the gathering a bit more memorable and special for your guests – especially if it’s a holiday cocktail they’ve […]