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Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream

This Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream is summertime in a bowl! I can’t think of a better dessert to enjoy this summer than today’s Ginger Peach Blueberry Ice Cream. Chunks of fresh peaches, blueberries and crystallized ginger are combined in a creamy vanilla ice cream that we infused with fresh ginger. For those of you […]

Ginger Molasses Cookies with Cherry Cream Filling

I’ve often suggested to my husband Jack that he should be on an episode of the Iron Chef – or any of those television cooking competitions where chefs are assigned an ingredient, then challenged to come up with delicious, original recipes using it. Today’s recipe – these Ginger Molasses Cookies with Cherry Cream Filling – […]

Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole

Our Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole takes the traditional Thanksgiving side dish – and makes it even better!  I know – it’s hard to believe that just about everyone’s favorite side dish could get any better – but with our recipe – it does! Today’s scrumptious Ginger Maple Sweet Potato Casserole recipe takes few extra […]

Pear and Dark Chocolate Crisp

This time of year – when apples and pumpkins are getting all of the attention – we’d like to remind you that pears are perfectly in season too! I can’t think of a better way to enjoy fresh, juicy pears than this delicious Pear and Dark Chocolate Crisp. Chunks of D’Anjou pears are mixed with […]

Peanut Ginger Chicken

I first made this fantastic Peanut Ginger Chicken recipe years ago – long before we started blogging and long before everyone could easily find recipes online! Back then, I was just starting to develop a passion for cooking, and I used to clip and save recipes from magazines and newspapers that caught my eye.  I […]

Lemon Almond Tea Cookies

As much as I love gooey chocolate desserts – more often than not, I tend to gravitate more towards lighter, sweet treats such as these Lemon Almond Tea Cookies. This easy recipe was another discovery we found in my mother’s old recipe box. On the recipe card, my mother wrote “1897” next to the Lemon […]

Chai Spice Mix

Yesterday, we shared a fantastic Chai Tea Smoothie recipe – made with this delicious, easy chai spice mix. Sure – you could easily buy a chai spice mix at most supermarkets these days. But chances are, you have most (if not all) of these spices already in your cabinet at home! A spice blend like […]

Cranberry Ginger Upside Down Cake with Rum Whipped Cream

We made this Cranberry Ginger Upside Down Cake with Rum Whipped Cream as part of a sponsored post for The Chew and She Knows Media. This past weekend we hosted an ‘ugly sweater’ holiday party at our house. The adults wore their tackiest Christmas sweaters, while the kids served as the judges and voted to […]

Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Meatballs

Earlier this summer, we shared a delicious coconut shrimp recipe that was served with a fantastic sweet chili dipping sauce! Shortly after we made that recipe, we had an impromptu get-together at our house after a day at the beach. To feed our friends, we grilled up some burgers and also pulled all sorts of […]

Asian Barbecue Sauce

With our recipe for homemade Asian Barbecue Sauce – you’ll never need to buy the jarred version from the supermarket ever again! Seriously – once you’ve tasted this delicious sauce, and you realize how easy it is to make – you’ll be preparing Asian-inspired chicken wings and pork ribs at home that rival some of […]

Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

This Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to yesterday’s Coconut Shrimp recipe! If you read yesterday post – today’s recipe was inspired by that same family dinner that we enjoyed last month after our daughter’s dance recital. My father-in-law’s coconut shrimp was served with a spicy chili sauce – but his complaint was […]

Saigon Cinnamon Ginger Cookies

It’s not often that my husband Jack sets out to bake some cookies!  I’m usually the one that makes the desserts and other baked goods (except for breads – that is one of Jack’s specialties!).  So I was pleasantly surprised when Jack told me that he wanted to bake these Saigon Cinnamon Ginger Cookies! These […]

Carrot and Ginger Soup

A number of years ago, I worked near a fantastic restaurant called The New England Soup Factory.  As you can probably guess by the name, this place was known for its delicious, award-winning soups – and their sandwiches and salads were pretty terrific too!  At any given lunch-hour, the lines were out the door with […]

Kale and Shiitake Mushroom Soup with Ginger Sesame Lavash Crackers

This post is sponsored by McCormick Gourmet as part of their Go 4 Gourmet recipe challenge. Today’s recipe for Kale and Shiitake Mushroom Soup with Ginger Sesame Lavash Crackers was developed as our submission to the Go 4 Gourmet recipe challenge which we were invited to participate in by McCormick Gourmet – and we’re so […]

Basil Chicken in Coconut-Curry Sauce

Back when my husband Jack and I first started dating – and we discovered our shared love of food and cooking – we used to take turns making dinner.  It was a fun way to impress each other – especially since we knew that the other person really appreciated a delicious, home-cooked meal! I still […]

Asian Chicken Stock

If you are a regular reader of A Family Feast, you already know that delicious soups are on the menu at our house quite a bit! Today we’re sharing our recipe for a delicious Asian Chicken Stock. This Asian chicken stock is a variation of our basic chicken stock recipe. It is flavorful with hints […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

My husband is a very adventurous eater.  Jack loves many kinds of foods – from typical American fare, to sushi, to the spicier-the-better Korean and Mexican foods.  He’s even been known to try foods that not very many people would try (namely, sea urchin – but that’s a story for another day…).  But there are […]

Lemon-Ginger Broccoli

After the last few months of holiday indulging, we’re definitely ready for some healthier food options and this recipe for Lemon-Ginger Broccoli is both healthy and delicious. Steamed broccoli is tossed with a light Asian-inspired sauce made by combining soy sauce, lemon juice, lemon zest, freshly grated ginger and sesame oil.  Some hot sesame oil […]