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Tzatziki is a creamy, Greek sauce that is typically served as a condiment for grilled meats, or served as a dip.  We served this delicious sauce spooned on top of our grilled Kofta (see that recipe here). Tzatziki is very simple to make! Just combine plain Greek yogurt, grated (and well-drained) cucumber, minced garlic, lemon […]

Chesapeake Salsa

Our local supermarket sells a variety of fresh salsas in the refrigerated section of the deli department – including one they call Chesapeake Salsa. We actually bought the Chesapeake Salsa for the first time by accident! Typically, we go for the traditional Mexican-inspired salsas which are sold in various levels of spiciness and heat. But […]

Fruit and Cucumber Salsa

This Fruit and Cucumber Salsa is an absolutely perfect accompaniment to the Peanut Ginger Chicken recipe that we shared yesterday. Also adapted from this recipe I clipped from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens years ago, I have to admit something.  Initially, I wasn’t too sure about the flavor combination in this recipe! This […]


For me, Gazpacho is the quintessential summer dish!  Fresh cucumbers, red bell pepper, plum tomatoes, red onion and garlic are combined with tomato juice into a flavorful and light soup that is delicious and healthy! Gazpacho is a soup that originated in Spain and is typically a tomato-based vegetable soup served cold.  Many other versions […]