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30+ Recipes for Malted Milk Lovers

The unique flavor of malted milk is a reminder of my childhood!  Growing up, there was always a jar of Ovaltine in the cupboard and it was a special treat to enjoy  And to this day, I still love anything and everything made with the distinct taste of malted milk! So if you too love […]

Malted Mocha Bars

If you’re a regular reader here at A Family Feast, then you’ve probably started to realize that I have a large stash of old recipe clippings!  Some are from my mother and grandmother, others that I clipped myself many years ago from the local newspaper, or from magazines that I once subscribed to – way […]

Chocolate Malted Ice Cream

Today we’re sharing a really delicious recipe for homemade Chocolate Malted Ice Cream.  This creamy, rich ice cream has a double dose of chocolate malted flavors that make this so good! First the base of the ice cream is made with milk, cream, sugar and egg yolks and perfectly flavored by adding some chocolate malted […]

Chocolate Malted Mousse

I love dessert mousses.  There’s just something about a light and creamy dessert that appeals to me more than anything (well – except for maybe ice cream!) and this recipe for Chocolate Malted Mousse is right up there with one of my all-time favorite mousse recipes. This chocolate malted mousse combines crushed malted milk balls, chocolate […]