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Watermelon Berry Smoothies and Popsicles

Keep frozen fruit on hand this summer – then make our delicious Watermelon Berry Smoothies. (You can also make popsicles that the kids will love!) A few weeks ago, we hosted our annual end-of-the-school year kid’s party. Afterwards, we had quite a bit of leftover watermelon and other mixed fruit from our party buffet. Whenever […]

Baked Haddock with Cashew Cracker Crust

If you saw this recipe earlier in the week, then you might have noticed our delicious Baked Haddock with Cashew Cracker Crust served alongside it! My husband Jack came up with this wonderful recipe for Baked Haddock with Cashew Cracker Crust last week. I was traveling for a few days, so Jack was looking for […]

Candied Cashews

Did you see it? Yesterday’s salad recipe was topped with these fantastic Candied Cashews – and we’re sharing the recipe here with you today. These Candied Cashews are a salty-sweet snack that is additively good! And…this is also a quick and easy recipe to make. We followed the same technique to make these Candied Cashews […]

Cara Cara Beet Salad

This gorgeous Cara Cara Beet Salad combines some of our favorite fresh produce and turns it into one amazing salad! Over the last few months, my husband Jack has eaten more Cara Cara oranges than I can count.  Any time we shop at the supermarket, Jack buys more Cara Caras oranges! I, on the other […]

Cashew Cookie Balls

These Whole30-approved Cashew Cookie Balls are easy to make and just as delicious as the Larabar that inspired this recipe! If you’ve ever been on the Whole30 program, then you know that some Larabars are allowed as an occasional sweet treat, or better yet, for situations when you’re stuck between meals and need a program-compliant […]

Cashew Frosted Brownies

These Cashew Frosted Brownies are for one of those days when your chocolate craving is strong! One part brownie, one part fudge, one part cake – this easy dessert adds up to 100% delicious! This dessert is also for the cashew-lovers in the crowd – and I’ll admit I am definitely in that crowd! I’m […]

Cashew Milk

I mentioned earlier this week that my husband Jack and I are in the midst of the Whole30 program – a month-long “nutritional reset” that is the start of some healthier eating goals we have for the coming year! The plan includes giving up certain types of foods for the 30 days, then reintroducing them […]

Cashew Cranberry Crunch Muffins

Back when my husband Jack was growing up, buying (and eating) cashews was considered a very big treat in his family. The entire family loved cashews – especially Jack Sr. – my husband’s father! But the problem was – anytime Jack’s parents bought a can of mixed nuts – Jack and his younger brothers and […]