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Blue Cheese Coleslaw

Sometimes, a recipe idea gets stuck in the back of my mind – and that’s what happened with today’s Blue Cheese Coleslaw. A few years ago on a business trip, I remember seeing a pulled pork sandwich on the menu at a restaurant where I was eating lunch with a client. That sandwich was served […]

Petite Marmite

Petite Marmite is a delicious, flavorful soup made from a variety of meats and vegetables. The term “petite marmite” translates in French to “little cooking pot.” Traditionally, this classic soup was served in the vessel in which it is cooked – so this dish really gets its name from the pot it cooks in rather […]

Lazanki with Mushrooms and Beef

A Family Feast readers are sometimes very vocal – especially in the comment section of a few of our Polish family recipes. I don’t mind at all – I love the passion of our fellow foodies! One particular reader inspired today’s recipe for Lazanki with Mushrooms and Beef. A while back I received a comment […]

Bigos (Polish Hunter’s Stew)

Bigos is a traditional Polish dish made with a variety of meats that have been cut into bite-sized pieces and stewed with sauerkraut and cabbage. Also sometimes called “Hunter’s Stew” – this delicious, hearty meal can be made with just about any sort of meat including pork, poultry, beef, or game, plus a variety of […]

Whole30 Stuffed Cabbage

Starting a food blog three-plus years ago has been one of the best things that my husband Jack and I have done together – aside from getting married, having a family, and building a wonderful marriage and life together of course! A Family Feast has become our family business, plus a way to do something […]

New England Boiled Dinner (Corned Beef and Cabbage)

For years, my husband Jack has wanted to share his recipe for New England Boiled Dinner here on A Family Feast. I’m going to admit – I pretty much shot the idea down – thinking that there really isn’t much to making a New England Boiled Dinner! The classic meal consists of corned beef and […]

Kapusta (Polish Cabbage Soup)

Every Sunday, as a child growing up, we spent the afternoon visiting my Babci.  Babci means grandmother in Polish,* was my mother’s mother.  Like most women of her generation, she often made dishes that originated from the ‘old country’ and the distinctive tastes and flavors of those dishes are hardwired in my memory. Even today, […]

Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage Salad

This past Labor Day weekend, our friend Simone brought a delicious Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage Salad to a barbecue we attended in our neighborhood. The party was actually an annual rib cook-off where my husband Jack served as one of the judges. And while the ribs were very good – this Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage […]

Kielbasa and Red Cabbage Skillet with Apples

The title of this today’s recipe – Kielbasa and Red Cabbage Skillet with Apples – pretty much says it all. This is a simple, one-pan meal that is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner, and it’s a welcome change of pace from the same old thing you might be cooking for your family’s dinner! You’ll […]

Haluski (Fried Cabbage and Noodles)

If you’re a regular here on A Family Feast, then you’ve probably become quite accustomed to seeing recipes that originated from my husband Jack’s side of the family! But today, we’re sharing a recipe inspired by MY side of the family – this simple and delicious dish called Haluski, or Fried Cabbage and Noodles. I […]

Easy Asian Slaw

Yesterday we shared a terrific recipe for a Vietnamese dipping sauce that is so versatile, it’s the perfect dressing for this Easy Asian Slaw!  This recipe couldn’t be any simpler – and the flavors are fresh and fantastic! Our Asian slaw is a mixture of shredded Napa cabbage and carrots, plus sliced scallions and cilantro […]

Deconstructed Stuffed Cabbage

Over the last month or so, as Jack and I started to plan out our holiday recipes to share here on A Family Feast, we spent a lot of time talking about old family recipes! On Jack’s side of the family – Italian fare was the standard, so recipes like beef braciole and lasagna were […]

Braised Cabbage and Apples

This recipe for Braised Cabbage and Apples is an old recipe from my husband Jack’s former food-service days.  At one of the dining locations he managed, his chef – a fellow named Frank, who came from Poland – asked Jack if he could make braised cabbage as the ‘vegetable of the day’ on that particular […]

Fennel and Apple Slaw

Fresh locally-grown fennel has made an appearance at our farmer’s market, and this Fennel and Apple Slaw is a great way to enjoy this wonderful root vegetable! There are different types of fennel – and it’s technically an herb – but the fennel typically found in local produce sections at the supermarket is called Florence […]

Weekday Triple Play – Meal #3: California Slaw

It’s the final day of our Weekday Triple Play and our third meal is this fresh and healthy California Slaw.  This California slaw makes a great lunch or a light dinner and it takes just minutes to prepare! Like the other recipes in our series, this California slaw starts with our cabbage blend recipe and […]

Weekday Triple Play – Meal #2: Beef Calzones

Our busy week is well underway but we’ve got dinner covered thanks to our Weekday Triple Play recipe series! Today’s dinner – a sweet-and-sour Beef Calzone – is already started because we’re using leftovers from yesterday’s Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry as the filling for these wonderful calzones!  We’ve simply added some sweet and sour […]

Weekday Triple Play – Meal #1: Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

At our house, weekdays during the school year are completely hectic with work, school, homework, swim lessons and other activities – not to mention everything else that needs to get done just to keep the household going! Even with all of this going on, we always try to have dinner together as a family as often […]

Weekday Triple Play: Cabbage Blend

This Cabbage Blend recipe is the basis for all of the recipes that are part of our Weekday Triple Play recipe series.  Mix this cabbage blend once at the beginning of the week, and you’ll be on your way toward making three easy and delicious family meals that start with this one versatile recipe! The […]


At our house, we often eat seafood (one of the many benefits of living near the coast) and this coleslaw recipe is the perfect accompaniment to a fish dinner – plus it’s so easy to make! This is a recipe that my husband Jack has perfected over the years.  The combination of seasonings (including his secret ingredient – […]