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How to Cut Fresh Corn Kernels off the Cob

Many recipes call for fresh corn to be cut off the cob as part of the preparation steps.  If you’ve ever tried to do this – it can be difficult!  The corn cob is difficult to hold still while you’re cutting the kernels off, and when you do cut the kernels off – they go bouncing all over the cutting board and counter top, and even all over the kitchen floor!

So we’re showing you a trick to get those fresh corn kernels off the cob without cutting yourself and making a mess of your kitchen.  You just need a bundt pan!  (Yes – a bundt pan is the perfect tool to use for this task!)

After you’ve husked your corn, stand one end of the corn cob on the middle of the bundt pan.  The hole in the middle of the pan allows you to hold the corn cob securely so you can easily cut the corn kernels off the cob.

How to Cut Corn off the Cob - A Family Feast

With a sharp knife, cut the kernels off from top to bottom.

How to Cut Corn off the Cob - A Family Feast

Repeat all the way around the cob – and did you notice that all of the kernels have landed inside the bowl of the bundt pan instead of all over your kitchen floor?

How to Cut Corn off the Cob - A Family Feast

We’re sure you’ll find it so much easier to cut fresh corn kernels off the cob with this easy trick!