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Fall Fruit Pie

Although I make most of the desserts at our house, every once in a while, my husband Jack gets inspired to start baking. We were shopping in the produce section at our local market – when Jack simply said, “I’m going to make a Fall Fruit Pie!” Totally OK by me…a Fall Fruit Pie sounded […]

Acorn Squash and Pear Soup

We discovered a delicious surprise growing in our backyard garden this summer…acorn squash! We hadn’t planned to grow any, and here’s what happened: Two summers ago, my in-laws gave us some acorn squash that they had grown in their garden. My husband Jack and I compost our kitchen scraps, and we are guessing that we […]

Pear and Dark Chocolate Crisp

This time of year – when apples and pumpkins are getting all of the attention – we’d like to remind you that pears are perfectly in season too! I can’t think of a better way to enjoy fresh, juicy pears than this delicious Pear and Dark Chocolate Crisp. Chunks of D’Anjou pears are mixed with […]

Fruit and Cucumber Salsa

This Fruit and Cucumber Salsa is an absolutely perfect accompaniment to the Peanut Ginger Chicken recipe that we shared yesterday. Also adapted from this recipe I clipped from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens years ago, I have to admit something.  Initially, I wasn’t too sure about the flavor combination in this recipe! This […]

Grilled Romaine Hearts and Pears with Bleu Cheese

I’m going to start off by saying right away that this recipe – Grilled Romaine Hearts and Pears with Bleu Cheese – might sound a little strange to some of you – but PLEASE bear with me! 🙂 This salad is absolutely delicious – and yes, the steps to make this salad include grilling the […]

Poached Pears in Red Wine with Vanilla Custard Sauce

Today’s recipe for Poached Pears in Red Wine with Vanilla Custard Sauce is a wonderful dessert option when you’re preparing a very special meal!  Not only is this dessert rich and delicious – but it’s also quite impressive and elegant, and sure to impress that special Valentine in your life! If you’ve never had poached […]

Waldorf Salad

As teenagers, my sister Regina and I both tried out for our high school play – the classic musical “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter. We had to learn a number of songs and dances and, to this day, I still remember many of the lyrics from that show! One song we learned, “You’re The Top,” […]

Mixed Greens with Pears, Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries and Spiced Pecans

Today we’re sharing an amazing salad recipe for Mixed Greens with Pears, Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries and Spiced Pecans.  This is a quick and super delicious salad that makes our guests go crazy (in a good way) anytime we serve it! Sweet, juicy Bartlett pear slices are mixed with tart dried cranberries, and some thinly […]

Apple Pear Compote

This recipe for Apple Pear Compote is a delicious way to add some fresh fruit flavors to any meal. Our compote uses Red Delicious apples, Bartlett pears and golden raisins that have been cooked in a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, vanilla and a blend of spices.  We’ve also added Calvados, a French apple brandy, […]